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thanks reggie. the support act for our gig is " the art " unsure.gif never heard of 'em, have you?

You're welcome S2Z.

No, I haven't.

" I may not know art, but I know what I like!" wink.gif

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Them Crooked Vultures Live In NZ

Press Release: Mushroom Group

Thursday, 14 January 2010, 1:07 pm

Them Crooked Vultures






In a fortnight one of the greatest rock super groups of all time will land in our country to play two killer shows in Wellington and Auckland.

In 2009, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stoneage) emerged as Them Crooked Vultures and a new legend in music was born.

In 2010, we get to see it all live in an Australasian first that may well be the New Zealand audiences one an only time.

Just confirmed to kick start the evening at both concerts is Christchurch 2 piece rock outfit Cairo Knife Fight. With a sound that sets them apart from the rest, Cairo Knife Fight's mix of rock, beats and bass will impress the masses at Them Crooked Vultures.

Tickets for both Wellington and Auckland are on sale now!






Ticketek PH: 0800 TICKET www.ticketek.co.nz



Ticketmaster PH: (09) 970 9700 www.ticketmaster.co.nz


www.myspace.com/cairoknifefight www.frontiertouring.co.nz


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Sir Paul McCartney Discusses Them Crooked Vultures

...Last year...Grohl had appeared with McCartney at the Grammys, when his regular drummer was detained elsewhere, and later that night they went out for dinner.

'We went out for a bite to eat afterwards and Dave told me he was starting this band with Josh. I asked him who was playing bass and he rather sheepishly told me he'd approached John. So you read it here first; Paul McCartney was nearly the bass player in Them Crooked Vultures. Actually, I'm sure it wouldn't have happened but it's an interesting project.

'As it is, I've got a good band who've been together for nine years. I suppose that's the real reason I'm enjoying myself right now. Because I'm very much at home with my band. You know, I quite like a band.'


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Album Review: Them Crooked Vultures

Four out of five stars

January 11, 2010

Pun-inspired song titles? Check. Groundbreaking riffs? Check. Legendary musicians? Check.

These three vital components for any successful supergroup have been settled from the beginning, so surely the rest of Them Crooked Vultures' self-titled debut album from rock-demi gods John Paul Jones, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl ends as well as it starts?

On closer inspection, it seems the guys have done more than just deliver the staple ingredients for a supergroup framework. There's much more to look out for.

Clearly influenced by Led Zeppelin, the band comprises of two die hard Zep fans and the bands original bassist so it was always a sure bet that classic rock is what would permeate through the 13-track album. However, this albums undercurrent runs closer to that of Josh Homme and his Queens of the Stone Age-esque melodies, which you could say is natural, considering Josh Homme is on lead vocals.

Tracks like 'Reptiles' and 'Caligulove' pay homage to the Holy era of Led Zeppelin rock, while the syndromically delicious 'Dead End Friends' has the volume, compressions and dynamics of Grohl's Nirvana era. The album takes you on a journey, from musical bliss with the likes of 'No one loves me & neither do I' and 'Mind Eraser, No Chaser' to dizzying heights of epic-ness with the 8 minute 'Warsaw or the first breath you take after you give up' only to bring it all to a grounding halt with the 7-minute trippy-rock tune 'Spinning in Daffodils'.

Unfortunately, those catchy Foo Fighters hooks are still to be desired from Grohl fans as Dave abandons any opportunity to infuse their influence into the Them Crooked Vultures album.

All that being said, Them Crooked Vultures will become one of the greatest albums of the year, because their fans are determined to hero-worship their individual gods as much as the music they produce.

FemaleFirst - Carla Pearce


Edited by SteveAJones

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Professionally filmed video footage of the band's performance at Canal Plus Studios in Paris, France on December 4, 2009 can be viewed at

This Location

Thanks, I enjoyed this one very much. But find it a bit odd they did this "gig" without it being advertized anywhere. Is the idea with these sorts of things that the producer (?) gets to fill the venue with his friends?

I saw them two nights later in Munich and I don't know if it was just the venue, but IMO they appeared louder, heavier and harder, "Warsaw" had more jamming, but not as much guitar solos. I have it on MD so it's not just a question of live perception.

It's great to see them up so close, I could not really tell Dave was singing and what all of Jonesy's instruments were from where I was standing (and jumping ;) but shot this way ruins the nice light show they had completely, oh well, you can't get everything, can you!



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Thanks, I enjoyed this one very much. But find it a bit odd they did this "gig" without it being advertized anywhere. Is the idea with these sorts of things that the producer (?) gets to fill the venue with his friends?

This particular gig was intended to showcase the band for members of the French media and music industry so there was minimal promotion and with the execption of radio station contest winners, very few fans in attendance.

Edited by SteveAJones

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Dave Grohl finds his Nirvana

AUDIENCES who flock to see Dave Grohl's new side project Them Crooked Vultures on their first Australian tour this week shouldn't be offended that they aren't the Foo Fighters frontman's No.1 priority.

by James Wigney

Sunday Herald Sun

January 17, 2010

It's not that he doesn't care. It's more that he is otherwise preoccupied by having the time of his life playing with one of his best friends and one of his childhood heroes.

It may be the bottle of wine he has just knocked off, or the fact that he is in the middle of his annual family holiday in Hawaii, but there is no hiding the slightly manic tone when Grohl speaks of his new band mates, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.

"For me to be in the same room as these two guys - when I sit down and play the drums, I could care less about the other 6000 people there,'' Grohl says.

"The people I am playing for are those two guys. I want to put a smile on their faces and I want them to turn around and look at me with their jaws dropped, like 'How the f... did you just do that?'

"We just love to play with each other and when you look up at us you will see it in our eyes and the way we play and how hard I punish my instrument that I am truly in love with what I am doing right now.''

Them Crooked Vultures, who released their debut, self-titled album in November, has been a project a long time in the making, with seeds sown from the teenage Grohl's worship of hard rock greats Led Zeppelin.

He taught himself the drums by playing along to the late, great John Bonham's parts and at the age of 16 inked the first of his many Zeppelin tattoos himself.

On a break from his day job with the Foos, Grohl assembled the trio about a year ago for his 40th birthday party at a medieval-themed restaurant in Los Angeles.

The former Nirvana drummer has worked with each individually before - with Homme on the seminal 2002 QOTSA album Songs of the Deaf, and Jones on the Foo Fighters' 2005 double album In Your Honor - and sensed there was a chemistry that could create something special.

When the trio convened in Homme's studio for an informal jam, Grohl immediately knew he was right.

"Within a minute and a half I felt like I had just joined the best band I had ever been in my entire life,'' he says.

"It was perfectly clear that the three of us were capable of doing great things together.

"Not recycling, not rehashing, but breaking new ground together.

"Ever since that day - every single day I wake up thinking, 'Really? This is my life?'

"Wow - what kind of karma do I deserve that this could be a reality?

"Honestly, every single show we have played since we have been a band has gotten better and better and better.

"Each one is different and it's f---ing awesome, man.''

Grohl hopes the Vultures will be an ongoing concern and can co-exist with each of the members' other projects.

Though all are multi-instrumentalists - Grohl plays guitar for Foo Fighters, Homme plays drums for Eagles of Death Metal and Jones plays about anything you can think of including guitar, mandolin, mellotron, recorder, cello and keyboards - each gravitated in the studio to the one that felt most natural.

"The first thing we sat down and hit record on was me on an acoustic guitar, Josh on an acoustic guitar and John on a mandolin,'' Grohl says.

"That was the first thing we recorded all around one microphone and it was a nice way to break the ice because we realised that there was no dynamic dictated to us, it just had to happen.

"There was a lot of non-discussion on this project.

"Sometimes words can get in the way of something beautiful and so when we walk into a room we just sort of assemble in the way that we have.

"So when John and Josh and I walk into a room, what am I going to do, walk to the bass guitar? No, I'm going to sit down at the f---ing drums.

"We naturally just evolved into this dynamic we have now and it's good.''

That's not to say they won't mix it up for the next album.

As far as Grohl is concerned, the band's potential is boundless, with the three locked together by a mutual "groove and feel'' that could be steered in any direction.

"That's what was so exciting about the beginnings of this band - there were no boundaries or parameters,'' he says. "It's almost like a joke, man - three multi-instrumentalists enter a roomth.th.th.th and the punchline is our album.''

The affable and irrepressible Grohl, widely known as one of the nicest guys in rock, is a serial collaborator.

When Nirvana split after the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl played briefly with Pearl Jam and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers before forming the Foo Fighters.

Since then he has been a drum for hire, hooking up with artists as varied as Jack Black, Kaki King, Paul McCartney, Slash, Norah Jones, Brian May, David Bowie, The Prodigy and Lemmy from Motorhead.

Grohl says that as often as not, it's him who instigates the partnerships, but says there is no common thread other than that they are artists he respects.

Every musician, he says, has a distinctive "musical fingerprint'' and he still gets a thrill from exploring the different chemistry of each collaboration.

"You have to want to jam with someone you respect musically,'' he says. "I don't want to jam with someone I don't feel are bad-ass.

"I don't want to hunt down some slouch that blows every time they pick up their instrument - I want to jam with people like Kaki King and Paul McCartney and John Paul Jones.

"When you find the match that locks in and is unexplainable and intangible it's the greatest thing in the world.

"With me and Josh it's that way. I have known that guy a really long time and we have jammed together a bunch of times, but my drums are like chocolate to his peanut butter.

"It just works and for whatever reason the two of us when we get together and start to play, you are going to get a song and it's going to be good.''

Grohl says Foo Fighters fans need not feel threatened by his love or the success of Them Crooked Vultures and says new music is on the way soon.

"The Foo Fighters is never not on my mind,'' he says. "It's like I have two hearts and that one is always beating and will never stop.

"We are already preparing and at work on something new and it's going to happen sooner than most people think.

"And it's going to be f---ing awesome - I can't wait.''

Them Crooked Vultures play Festival Hall on Friday (sold out) and Saturday. Bookings: 136 100.


Edited by SteveAJones

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Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures (Interscope)

Supergroup is such an ugly word. But in this case, it's true.

by Carsten Knox

The Coast (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

January 14, 2010

Supergroup is such an ugly word, even when it accurately describes this meaty and muscular trio known for their high-profile day jobs: Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). TCV imports the sticky sleaze of QOTSA and ladles it over a massive rhythm section one part "Black Dog" and one part "Scentless Apprentice," in songs laced with boogie and psychedelia. If rock 'n' roll is supposed to make you wanna get drunk and fuck, TCV is 151 proof and bareback in the ass.


Edited by SteveAJones

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Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal) Discusses Them Crooked Vultures

...from FasterLouder.com (Australia), January 11, 2010:

“As soon as we finish this leg of the tour I go home to record. That said, I don’t really like the term ‘solo’. I like to think of it as ‘independent’. That way it keeps that unique American spirit (Laughs). I’m joking. But yeah, solo album comes out. Well, it’s recorded from the perspective of dog’s hearing – it’s so low you can’t even hear it. And then Josh and I are going to record a new Eagles record. Because it’s not like he’s got enough to do with Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age.”

Oh, Them Crooked Vultures. I tell Jesse just how damn excited I am for the album, and for the show in January. Often if you mention other people’s bands to people you are interviewing the conversation is quick – they agree with whatever you say and move back to their own material. But Jesse is clearly excited by the Vultures.

“It’s awesome, right? They are going to finally plant the flag of bringing rock back. I’m going to take the credit for leading the way, but they are planting the flag. When you get a whole bunch of big names together, sometimes it’s just boring. But these are big names, and big ideas, and big songs. It’s great. It’s the real deal.

“And I’m sure you’re probably going to see a Them Crooked Vultures and Eagles line-up at some point. I’ve got to manipulate my best friend in some way, don’t I?”

Link to full interview: http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/features/22043/Eagles-of-Death-Metal.htm

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According to NME.com, Paul McCartney wanted a place in Dave Grohl's supergroup THEM CROOKED VULTURES, but was turned down in favor of LED ZEPPELIN legend John Paul Jones.

THE BEATLES star said he was first told about THEM CROOKED VULTURES by Grohl when the two went out to dinner together after playing together at last February's Grammys ceremony.

"We went out for a bite to eat afterwards and Dave told me he was starting this band with Josh [Homme]," he told the Daily Mail. "I asked him who was playing bass and he rather sheepishly told me he'd approached John. So you read it here first; Paul McCartney was nearly the bass player in THEM CROOKED VULTURES."

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According to NME.com, Paul McCartney wanted a place in Dave Grohl's supergroup THEM CROOKED VULTURES, but was turned down in favor of LED ZEPPELIN legend John Paul Jones.


More tabloid-style distortion of the facts; Paul McCartney never said he wanted to be in TCV.

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Pretty funny how they concluded Paul wanted in after he only asked who was on bass.

Would be cool if McCartney joined them onstage for a song or two someday.

Paul has played with Grohl and Jonesey before.

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FAITH NO MORE, THEM CROOKED VULTURES, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, BARONESS, COHEED & CAMBRIA, LES CLAYPOOL and PORCUPINE TREE are among the confirmed bands for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, set to take place Friday, April 16, Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18 at the beautiful Empire Polo Club in Indio, California

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Ahhh, tour dates! B)

Anyone heard when they might announce a full U.S. tour?

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Them Crooked Vultures review


January 20, 2010

This week it was Perth's job to welcome super-group of the noughties Them Crooked Vultures to Australia.

The frantic crowd was cheering as soon as Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones and Joshua Homme stepped foot on stage.

When front man Homme took the microphone and shouted 'are you ready to have a good time?' the crowd already were.

Opening the night at Challenge Stadium were local boys The Novocaines, who admitted to the crowd "we haven't played at anything this big before so it’s pretty exciting."

The young band played songs from their latest album and went wild onstage, the lead singer even got the stiff crowd moving at the end by thrashing around the stage – an amazing feat given how tight his jeans were.

But the crowd were definitely saving themselves for the big guns and couldn't control their excitement when the time came.

It was so much more than just three mates coming together from separate bands. The fact that they all already have their 'day jobs' probably led to the ease and comfort at which they were playing.

Following on from a young punk band really made the juxtaposition obvious. Here were three older guys with a tonne of experience under their belt, with no egos because each member of this newly formed band had more previous experience than the next.

Each band member seemed like they were genuinely having a good time and felt comfortable to let loose.

John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin strutted around the stage with his bass like the legend that he is. The majority of the crowd would not have had the pleasure of seeing Zepplin live, and this was definately the next best thing. Jones moves like a true rock god and drew the biggest cheers from the crowd.

Dave Grohl became a household name as front man of the Foo Fighters, but true fans still love him as the drummer for 90s grunge legends Nirvana. It was sublime to see him back in this roll as drummer head-banging through the whole set. However one of the main disappointments of the night was that he remained completely mute throughout the show, offering no banter or comments for the audience to play off.

Joshua Homme, Queens of the Stoneage frontman, really lends his sound to the band. Chief lyricist when writing the album, Homme's influence is clear and the majority of the songs have a real QOTSA feel to them. Homme oozed charisma from the front of stage. He is a big guy and if he was your neighbour you'd imagine him to be awkward on the stage. But Homme moved and strutted with real style.

Opening the night with lead album track No One Loves Me & Neither Do I, the band had the audience in a spin. Then Scumbag Blues, the third track took the sound level down a notch and really showcasing Homme's voice with backing vocals from Jones and Grohl. Radio hits New Fang and Mind Eraser, No Chaser were also favourites and inspired the crowd surfers.

It was clear that majority were there to purely view the three rock legends on the stage, rather than for the new songs that they had produced. Unsurprisingly there were more Nirvana t-shirts spotted in the crowd than Them Crooked Vultures merchandise.

Overall the set was tight. Guitars were swapped after nearly every track - there is no shortage of cash here and the guys took advantage of the legion of instruments at their disposal. John Paul Jones was impressive, especially his keyboard solo toward the end of the night. The last ten minutes of the show was pure instrumental with Homme taking over the stage, perhaps for a little too long but this didn't disappoint die hard fans.

There was a splattering of empty seats through the stadium as the event didn't sell out. But every person in the crowd desperately wanted to be there, perhaps to witness a part of rock history that may never be repeated.

Photo gallery: http://www.watoday.c...selectedImage=0


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Them Crooked Vultures @ Challenge Stadium, Perth (19/01/10)

Photo Link: http://www.fasterlou...es.htm;;1;22185

Gig Review by Ashryn, FasterLouder.com, 21st January, 2010:

If you don't like stoner rock, stop reading now. Go listen to some indie-acoustic guitar or something, you're not going to like this review. When someone suggested a year ago that they were putting John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme in a box together with instruments and giving it a shake; what you imagined was exactly the way it sounded on their first Australian show in Perth.

The Novocaines kicked off the night appropriately with a heavy, slightly retro garage psych/rock set, fast, with not too much chatter. Oozing confidence and crazy dancing, they were still humble enough to let us know how stoked they were to be sharing the stage with the supergroup of the moment. They were the perfect aperitif to the most hyped band in recent memory. A band who sold out gigs before any songs had even been released. With all the excitement surrounding it, one might have thought it was in danger of being eaten by its own machine.

And you may well ask, were Them Crooked Vultures worth the hype?

Yes. A thousand times yes.

They do stoner rock better than any other band; Superbly. Supremely. As well they should; since they comprise Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin elements. Is TCV is more than the sum of its parts then? Not really. But since the parts are already magic it's not surprising.

Go and put the album on now. The gig was the same, only louder than your stereo can go, and live, which is half the magic right there.

Beginning the set with No One Loves Me, and Neither Do I was a nice touch as the crowd roared their love towards the boys as they entered, accompanied by touring member and QOTSA guitarist, Alain Johannes. Although less recognisable than his counterparts, Johannes supported the superstars perfectly with his silky guitar skills. When Jones put down one of the many basses he played during the set, Johannes was well qualified to fill the role; at one point he pulled out a beautiful Hofner whilst Jones sat down at the organ. By the end of the opening track, everyone in the building was loving all four Vultures. Hard.

Jones played a rather impressive selection of instruments including this 8 string lap-steel mounted on a body (so he can stand up and play) with built-in Kaoss pad. He also pulled out a keytar, mandolin and a nine-string bass which looked heavy. He played an electric piano complete with bass pedals. His fat, funky bass solo was fantastic in Scumbag Blues. The opening chords shook the building and Grohl initially drew the attention until Jones stole the song with the rocking funk bassline.

At a guess, John Paul Jones' favourite song to play is Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up. He does not look his age anyway, but his grinning and dancing during this song made him look 20 years younger.

Those who were overheard during the Novocaines set saying that they had never heard this band before had been converted and the night was well and truly underway when Homme introduced Dead End Friends and Grohl dumped a bottle of water over his head to accentuate the flick of his hair. What a showman.

Homme and Johannes shone as they belted out the opening chords of Elephant to the continued delight of all in attendance. This is quintessential stoner rock; with its driving beat and bass and the droning riffs that envelop the crowd, some of whom appeared to have been spoilt by the recent rash of radio friendly pop which caused them to lose collective focus partway through the song.

When you create a supergroup, it is inevitable that one member will be more super than others, so when Homme introduced the rest of the band there were cheers aplenty for everyone, but the biggest noise and the night's largest collective movement of the crowd went to "John Paul Fucking Jones". When he was introduced, what looked like every arm in GA shot up, accompanied by a roar of approval, and a spontaneous standing ovation from the seats- Ahh yes, this was an audience of Zeppelin fans.

If TCV were disappointed by the unmoving crowd, they shouldn't be. This gig fell under the twin curse of weather and weeknights. The third 40+ day in a row can make for an undemonstrative audience, afraid to move and get any hotter lest they never get cool again.

On the other hand, have you ever tried to shut up 5000-odd bogans and get them to pay attention to something (other than themselves) for more than a minute? How about 90 minutes? This is just one more example of TCV's aforementioned magic. Every head was oriented stageward, mouths slightly agape as they soaked up the experience. (Is 'basking in their radiance' too much? Perhaps not.) Later in the show, Homme was able, after much coaxing, to get the crowd in the seats on its feet for the last couple of songs, but for the most part they remained sitting, but certainly not still. The seats rocked in time with the music from start to finish.

One of the bigger reactions was for the first single off the album; New Fang. Grohl got it underway to minimal reaction, but when that unmistakable guitar riff exploded, so did the crowd, showing TCV just how much this track is appreciated. Complete with plenty of crowd backing vocals this was truly the highlight of the night…that is until the simply brilliant stop-start parade of Mind Eraser (No Chaser) stole its mantle.

From time to time, some missile was spotted landing at one of the performers' feet, sparking curiosity as to what people were throwing at the stage, because they looked too big to be the kind of knickers you'd throw. At the end of the set, after a super-extended rock jam ending to Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up (instead of a presumptuous encore,) it became clear what the projectiles were by the several bras tucket into Homme and Jones' back pockets as they walked off stage.

In general, you don't ask much of stoner rock, from Them Crooked Vultures, you couldn't ask for anything more, except perhaps another concert.

Perth Setlist:

1. No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

2. Dead End Friends

3. Scumbag Blues

4. Elephants

5. Highway One

6. New Fang

7. Gunman

8. Bandoliers

9. Mind Eraser, No Chaser

10. Caligulove

11. Interlude With Ludes

12. Spinning In Daffodils

13. Reptiles

14. Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up


Edited by SteveAJones

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Ashton Kutcher just tweeted this:

Hosting SNL on Feb 6 with musical guest Them Crooked Vultures. Could not be more excited. more to come

Omg...I think I'm gonna camp out and try to get standby tix lol.

Edited by Taylore

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