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Five (5) Famous People Ever...


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If you could meet any Five (5) famous people of all-time, who would you choose? Anyone? Anybody?

My Five (5) would be (in order):

1. Jimmy Page

2. Robert Plant

3. John Paul Jones

4. John Bonham

5. Robert DeNiro

My alternates would be:

6. Al Pacino

7. Richard Pryor

8. John Belushi

9. Constance Marie (the Beautiful wife on the George Lopez Show)

10. Peter Grant

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Coolest famous people I've ever met:

1. Fred Astaire

2. Tommy Lee

3. Paul Stanley

4. Ed Van Halen

5. Geddy Lee

(actually Ed Van Halen was kind of an asshole. Notice I didn't put Gene Simmons on the list. Met him too many times too add to the fame he's heaped on himself.)

I'd rather talk about how cool Zakk Wilde is. And I should mention Graham Bonnet and Ronnie Dio. Guys you'd really like to have a beer with!

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1. George Washington. Father of my nation and one of the greatest war heroes in history.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the major craftsmen of the world we live in. I also have great personal respect for him.

3. Stevie Wonder. One of my favorite musicians.

4. Frank Zappa.

5. Adolf Hitler.

I avoided posting cliche choices like Lennon, Elvis or Michael Jackson since I wouldn't really have anything to say to them.

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I would like to meet:

⓵ Jesus Christ

⓶ Jimmy Page

⓷ Mother Theresa

⓸ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

⓹ Robert F. Kennedy

(edited for spelling and to add that I'd like to meet Beethoven but he always seems too ornery, it might ruin my ardent love for his compositions :D ) Hey! ⬇ Dzldoc made me realize, I can choose alternates (haha! - "NO SHOW" :lol:). (Am now deliberating on adding one more alternate besides Beethoven) :Thinking:

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1. Albert Einstein.

2. Alxeander Graham Bell

3. Leonardo da Vinci

4. Napoleon Bonaparte

5. Madame Marie Curie

Had to add an alternate incase someone was a no show. ;)

Alt. General Robert E Lee.

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I like being nice to people that deserve to be given the aw and inspiration they get, and many famous folk's give me the same feeling(s) of inspiration they likely get from others they like to say are great one's. I've found that a lot of the famous people I've met are really just like a lot of the other regular people I've met over the years. Any case I still hold lot's as higher up in respect for what they have done.

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4. John Paul Jones (funny...I'd like to meet all the Zeps, but I think JPJ is the one I could have the best conversation with)

same here...and my friends who love zeppelin think it would be a better conversation with Jimmy (mostly because he was a more popular person in the band but they wont admit that that is why, but i know its true) plus it would be a bass/guitar/mandolin/keyboard player (me) talking to a bass/guitar/mandolin/keyboard/composer/everything else you could think of player (JPJ) talking to each other

(i've really tried to model myself after JPJ and hopefully one day the success part will come in :D)

sorry to ramble on like that

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