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Five (5) Famous People Ever...


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I was just a boy. My mom used to go her beauty parlor in Beverly Hills. It was on Canon Drive, by Rodeo. I tagged along, and when we were leaving, there he was, walking down the avenue. Coat and hat. Very proper. He was very gracious, and really short (in stature). I was only 10, yet I towered over him. He always seemed tall and lanky in films. Bigger than life. I guess Ginger wasn't so tall either! Or Gene Kelly for that matter. But he was very sweet and shook my hand like it really meant something. Clasped it with both of his and looked me straight in the eye with the warmest smile on his face. A wonderful gentleman! It was my brush with the golden age of Hollywood, and I've never forgotten the feeling of that aura of royalty I felt about him, yet he was completely natural and humble. There was no air of snobbishness about him. He had a genuine twinkle in his eye. Such a sweet, kind smile. Very charming. He really seemed genuinely pleased to be recognized and appreciated. Such a kind, gentle and sweet man. He definitely had a glow to him. That's what sticks in my mind the most.

Wow, what a great story, Ev! Thanks for sharing. You're so lucky! :)

Here's my five:

Jimmy Page

Fred Astaire

Jim Henson

Carl Sagan

George Harrison

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