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the symbols on led zep homepage


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hello there, i just joined the forum of the most wanted band of my most wanted woman (therefore my most wanted band too). i noticed on the homepage beside others, the three intersecting circles symbol and so it makes me wonder if they are chosen deliberately because of knowing the great concept that stands behind them? i am saying it because i have very similar discovery that i call UNIFIED MONOPOLES MADE OF FOUR THREEPOLES (physics of unification, electric engineering stuff) that looks like it (you can find it on my homepage -- type dedanoe and hit google search). ok, let that be my first post, waiting to hear from you...

EDIT: the second symbol (left-to-right) is toroidal spiral. with it i invented my AUMAGEDDON ADOT BOMB -- type excessive+turbo+generator+dedanoe and hit google search...

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I am going to explain to you a little experiment...

take spheres of the same kind and drop how much as you can into a cup of water.

please insert your little finger on the water and make some clockwise turns.

If you are doing this at this time you can watch with your eyes,

how this little spheres forms an intercalated patron of beautifull straight lines.

like this:

-0 0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

or like this:


0 0

this is the first relation of the magical principles, the relation between one and two.

and is significance is the reafirmation of the eternal unit.

lets' go back to the experiment:

put you little finger again and make some turns to the left (if it works...)

if your eyes are well trained you can see that all this spheres are trying

to show you a complete panorama of the situation. (you can use the math at this point)

what is the geometrical figure?

If you don't know how to use a cup you can use a glass of water also=)

you are welcome...

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