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Your absolute favorite song from Physical Graffiti?


Your favorite track from Physical Graffiti  

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  1. 1. Sorry, I had to combine some tracks -- this website only allows a max of 12 choices!

    • Custard Pie
    • The Rover
    • In My Time of Dying
    • House of the Holy
    • Trampled Underfoot
    • Kashmir
    • In the Light
    • Bron-Yr-Aur / Down by the Seaside / Boogie with Stu / Black Country Woman
    • Ten Years Gone
    • Night Flight
    • The Wanton Song
    • Sick Again

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Such a hard question! For me it was between Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir, & In My Time of Dying. I went with Trampled Underfoot just because it's a bit different from the Zeppelin songs you usually hear on the radio, and I think it's very balanced guitar/bass/drums/vocals wise. Not to mention a very catchy tune.

Now that I think about it, I would probably replace Kashmir with Ten Years Gone for my top 3. Kashmir's still great, though.

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PG is hands down my favorite album and I love every song on it, but if I had to pick my ultimate favorite it would be In the Light. It has such an ethereal feel to it, and the lyrics carry such a powerful, inspirational message.

Of course this is my opinion, but I think that "IN THE LIGHT" is the greatest and most under-rated song of all-time. "IN THE LIGHT YOU WILL FIND THE ROAD..."

I agree, I think that it is one of the most underrated Zeppelin tracks, if not the single most underrated.

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It is undoubtably Houses of the Holy... although Kashmir is a VERY close second

'So your world is spinning faster, are you dizzy when you're stoned, let the music be your master, will you heed the master's call?'

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Ten Years Gone.

Interesting to see other people talk about requesting IMTOD to be played at their funeral. I once had that thought also, but then realized that to the rest of my family the song would forever be associated with my death, so have canned that idea, I'd prefer they enjoy the song rather than have it be a reminder of a sad event.

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