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Did Robert drop the f-bomb?


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I've heard Robert drop the 'f' bomb in one of his solo shows from 1993. He asked the audience if they liked Garth Brooks- the crowd cheered, and Robert responded with "you're fucking mad!". :lol:

And going into Celebration Day on Page/Plant's 2-17-96 show in Japan, Robery cuts loose with "fuuuuuuck" just as Jimmy gets started.

Never heard him use profanity with Zep though.

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No, Plant doesn't say the f-word in 'In My Time Of Dying'.

Jimmy says the f-word right before starting 'Friends' on "III".

Plant does say "suck it" right before the solo in 'Communication Breakdown'.

And Plant sings the f-word in 'Hots On For Nowhere' as has been mentioned.

I think that's all of it--not counting the d-word and the h-word, which are technically "bad" words.

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