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Show off your guitar thread


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My new guitar, I haven't got names for my guitars, but "blue" is

forming in my head, and I think it will stick. :D


my "old" guitar, bought it in the US 3 years ago, and it has served me faithfully since.

Hoping it still will.... B)

it has a seymour duncan JB jr in the bridge position and a slitly alterd electronics set up.

I'm a strat cat, what can I say?

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What I had in the 80's and into the 90's


Fender Precision Special bass, two 57 classic reiisue Strats, two custom LP's the cherryburst a 76, the tobaccoburst a 90, a late 70's natural ash tele (not pictured) and some cheap acoustic guitars.

What I have now


a 1960 Guild T-100d (my alltime fav guitar I have ever played in 30+ yrs) a 78 Tele outfitted w/ a Hipshot B bender/drop D, 3 EMG active pu's. There's a mini toggle switch for active/normal.....now all I need to do is swop the original 3way PU selector for a strat 5way and this sucker will be like 5 guitars in one!!


http://danvollmer.fotopic.net/c314079_1.html <----gear and a few more guitars.

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This isn't mine but is similar. Mine is a 'Montalvo' classical concert model hand made in Paracho, Mexico.

It was given to me by my friend Russ and it's a beauty. I call her 'Damita' (small refined lady) :)

She sounds great too.



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Introduce us to your guitars.

Here's mine, "Carmen"


Here's a picture of myself playing her


And here's my female friend MJ with Carmen


Well i have a few guitars but i dont have anyone as pretty as your friend to pose with them


My Gibson Classic 60's Les Paul


My Fender American made Deluxe Strat

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