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Mary Hartman

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Never saw this video beforeblink.gif could be my life's theme song.dry.gif

I have never seen that one either. Great video. Never did the weekend cruise on the Presient, but a few dinner cruises on the Delta.Look at this video, it has Randy's son Jamie and he is really awesome. It's Zeppelins Immigrant song. Enjoy!

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Thank you Sir! I remember around 1981-1989 (I left NO in 89) quite a few of us would see these guys every chance we got. Many times their music would bring me to tears, because I was missing LZ. I talked with a friend today who said Randy can still hold those high notes.

It was great to converse with him today.I really can't wait to see them again.


Here is one of my favorites, it starts out mellow then goes high,then back down and Randy at the end...just great music:-)


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