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The Lemon Song vs Levee vs IMTODying


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Which songs speaks to you. Which one do you love to listen to the most.

What image do you get when you listen to them.

The Lemon song to me is about sex. I feel sexual energy around it. I would play it before I make love to a woman.

When the levee breaks I feel powerful like a Hurricane. I out that one on when I am on a tread mill.

In my time of dying. I feel like a rollercoaster. I would put that on for a run as well.

I look at all these songs as masterpieces. When I think of Zep. These 3 songs come to mind. Powerfull stuff. More later.

What do you all think

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The "Lemon Song" really doesnt do anything for me despite the sexually charged lyrics. The bassline is where the sex is in that song. Having said that "How Many More Times" to me is just pure sex in every way as far as a blues based Zeppelin song.

"Levee" I agree is just a force of nature that cant be stopped. The music captures the lyrics perfectly, a slow rolling riff of natural disaster. I still say that this is their ultimate blues song & not "SIBLY" or "Tea For One". This song is Old Testament brutality. Plant & Krauss I think capture the mood of this song really well in their live versions.

"IMTOD" reminds me of Marianne Faithfull's "Sister Morphine" & Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door". All 3 of those songs are death bed confessionals. Once again Zeppelin capture the lyrical content with the dramatics in the music. One of my favorites second only to "Levee" in the badass department.

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I think that all three songs are brutal and uncompromising. They just hit you in the gut. Its amazing how they came up with those jams.

Other rockers that have made songs on par with the three I mentioned.

Santana Black magic woman. Deep Purple-Woman from Tokyo.

The Rolling Stones Can't you hear me knocking. Heart-Magic Man.

Those are just a few that can be in the same company as Zeps great blues song.


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well considering i play bass the Lemon Song was one of the hardest/greatest songs to learn and i consider it a great milestone to get down but i'll have to say its tied between Levee and Lemon...the area in Lemon where Jimmy is kind of in the backround and its all about JPJ and Mr. Plant really does it for me and i'm not just saying that because it was one of the coolest part to learn i just love everything about it and Roberts love/hate for the girl can really be felt in that part and Levee is just amazing the moment that song comes on no matter where i am and what kind of mood im in i just get excited and i always have to start the song over like 5 times just to hear Bonzo doing his thing like it was nobodys business as for IMTOD it took me awhile to get into this song but for me when im doing something boring that is the song i will listen it just gets me pumped i think its because of the jam-like recording of the song that makes me feel that way its just so raw

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I think its kinda funny how different these three songs are, but they're all so epic. Sorry, random observation. :)

This is why, boys & girls, we do not fall asleep listening to Zep after crashing on caffine & adrenalin. I had a dream once during IMTOD about JImmy swordfighting Satan over my soul :huh: Disturbing... So I still think of that every time I listen to that song.

Other songs that speak to me

Bron-Yr-Aur: I always invision laying under a tree by a lake somewhere peaceful..warm breeze blowing through...

As for sex, I say HMMT is my favorite. The wicked bass...screeching bowed guitar...killer drums..don't even mention the vocals...

There has to be more, but I can't really think right now

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Well I like all 3 songs.

"The Lemon Song" for me is clearly about sex. I knew it for the first time I listened to it. I just think it's a good song and I like it.

"When The Levee Break" is awesome. It's really powerful song with everything almost perfectly put together. I love the drum intro at the beginning. I kinda feel out of time when listening to it.

"In My Time Of Dying" is great. It's very powerful song and I was blown away the first time. I love slide guitar in it and mad/aggressive feel and playing.

Out of these songs I'm listening to "When The Levee Breaks" the most, then to "In My Time Of Dying" and then to "The Lemon Song".

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