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Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dead at 77

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Let man judge the living. Let god judge the dead.

and He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead

and His kingdom will have no end

I'm sorry that happened, Ev, but it was not your fault. You could not have known that he would do that. It does not bring him back but may he find healing where he is now and rest in peace.

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Thanks everyone. It's something I may never get my head wrapped around in my lifetime.

But anyway, this is Teddy's thread. Carry one. Apologies for the interruption.

damn, that's a heavy load bruh.

FWIW, it's my observation that your general attitude about things, and life in general, indicates a healthy moral compass, and that speaks volumes on how you've chosen to deal with an event so rife with negative possibilities.

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Senator Edward Kennedy -- RIP

But now....

How you flip-flopped on Abortion:::

You were Pro-Life . . . In a letter to a fellow Catholic in 1971 . . .



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Haven't you changed your mind about anything since 1971? I know I have, and about some of life's most important things, as well as my favorite sandwich or whatever.

"...he stood by his convictions and his faith"...unless political considerations dictated otherwise wacko.gif

Ted Kennedy on Abortion

August 26, 2009 by thechristianconservative

“To anyone who follows abortion politics today, Kennedy is not only a reliable pro-abortion vote, but a forceful advocate of abortion. He repeatedly has voted against all attempts to stop taxpayer financing of abortions and opposed the ban on partial-birth abortions. Kennedy regularly receives 0 percent records from the National Right to Life Committee. Kennedy’s abortion advocacy was so pervasive prior to his death that the Senate government-run health care bill that bears his name specifically allows abortion funding and mandates that Planned Parenthood abortion centers be included.

But Kennedy’s position wasn’t always in line with abortion advocacy groups.

He is one of many formerly pro-life Democrats who changed with the political winds as the party moved from one influenced by pro-life southern Democrats and pro-life Catholics to one dominated by the pro-abortion feminist groups like NARAL and Emily’s List.”

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Did you read this thread at all before you posted? Chappaquiddick was mentioned quite a few times. Also, he didn't kill Kopechne. The accident killed her. What made it criminal was his fleeing the scene of said accident. Had he gotten help immediately, she could have been saved. It was a horrible accident made worse by his ego and need to save his own ass. Which isn't murder, it's vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident. Doesn't make it any better or any less loathesome, but that's the gist of it.

Leaving someone to gasp their last breath in a car, shows a great contibution to a homicide.

According to the coroner's report, she spent up to two hours gasping for air, while Kennedy went home, showered, shaved and rested up for 18 hours before even reporting the crime!


It was not an instantaneous drowning. The Senator Fucked Up. This is much more than a Larry Craig mis-step.

But then, Sen. Kennedy... was a "Kennedy" and a Democrat.... and this happened in Mass....

Underwater Diver John Farrar, who pulled Kopechne from the car, told media outlets she may have lived had Kennedy called police immediately, and George Killen, a detective-lieutenant with the State Police, alleged at the time that Kennedy "killed that girl the same as if he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger."


Whenever I recall this tragic incident, what truly eats at me is the image of that woman huddled into a small space and struggling for each breath of life, while the coward who put her there was struggling to come up with an alibi to save his political future. How low on the evolutionary scale do you have to be to leave someone to drown in the dark, murky water, as you figure out an angle to free yourself of culpability?



You get the picture now.... don't ya..

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Not really.

Enlighten me please wise one and don`t hump my leg.

I remember my dog humping my leg . . . I gues we were "Best Friends" ... :bubble:

There's nothing to enlighten .... Vehicular Manslaughter is the correct verdict.

Have A Nice Day :)

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