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Hi everyone! I'm Kate, and I'm from Poland. My whole world is music. I can listen to it all the time and play on my beautifull guitar <3

My fascination of Zeppelin started when I listened "Since I've been lovin' you" on the radio. At this moment all things weren't the same as they were when I don't know nothing about this Band. It was like cold water on my face. I bought a Led Zeppelin's biography writted by polish author. It was 3 years ago. I'm different person. My favourite member of the band is Jimmy. I love this guy. His music, all what he did for Zeppelin, philosophy, personality. Oh Jimmy...

So it's all :D Sorry, my english is not perect, but I hope you understand all :)

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Jimmy performed in Poland once, with Robert, at the Spodek Hall in Katowice on 2/26/98. They stayed at the Warsaw Hotel, also in Katowice. I myself have collected a video of the concert and the promotional poster.

Still looking for the 2/26/98 all-Led Zeppelin issue of MAGAZYN PROMOCYJNY and the SUPER EXPRESS review

of Katowice concert.

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