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Brian Jones Death To Be Re-examined

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How's it going "Wolfman?" I hope all is well with you. I am glad that you wrote this thread, I was wondering when this subject would surface out in the open. I read the 1994 book "Paint It Black, The Murder Of Brian Jones" by Geoffrey Giuliano. The first few pages of the book, there is a quote from Keith Richards in 1989 that says word for word: "There were plenty of people who wanted him (Brian Jones) dead and for very good reasons. Some day the truth will come out."

This book came out because someone came forward and admitted to the author (Giuliano), by phone, that Brian Jones' head was deliberately held down in the water until he died meaning that he was murdered on 3 July 1969. This person also admitted that it was NOT an accidental drowning. I knew in my heart that this case was destined to be reopened again since there was too many unanswered questions and unexplained foul play involved. Maybe now, the truth will come out. And if all of this information is the truth, justice should be served upon the guilty individuals involved. Thanks again for this thread "Wolfman," this case should be very interesting when the truth is unfolded. In the mean time, ROCK ON!

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I was surprised to read about this on the newswires this morning. I figured it was pretty much a done deal after his house worker made that death bed confession. I've read a few books on Brian... and have always been extremely fascinated with him. I'm curious to hear the follow up on this whenever it's released.

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