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Favorite Television Shows


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1. Auf Wiedersehen Pet (British 80's show about brickies in Germany)

2. Match Of The Day (Weekly football show)

3. The Sopranos

4. My Name Is Earl

5. Prison Break

6. The Bill

7. Life On Mars (UK version)

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nearly every Sunday morning, i wake up early to see reruns of the western from the 60's called The Virginian. i remember watching this show with my late father when i was a kid and now it came back to me why we enjoyed this series so much. the storylines were first class, even for today, and the acting superb. James Drury, the late Doug McClure and of course, Lee J. Cobb, were all excellent in their roles. also, the list of special guest stars was a who's who of top Hollywood stars. another thing is that the show was 90 minutes long, ran a fresh episode every week from mid-Sept to mid-May and didn't even stop for the holidays. try finding a series on network tv like that now. trust me, you won't. nowadays, the shows break three weeks before and resume 3 weeks after, if they even have a second half. of course the networks now blame it on the rising cost of production, but i think that's just an excuse for the lack of writing talent available. in my mind, Hollywood has been devoid of new ideas for nearly 3 decades and if someone does hit on a original idea, soon after there's a million copycats or spin offs. i really don't have much use for any reality program. my wife likes them, but to me

it's just a bunch of nobodies or has beens fighting for camera time. if i had to choose a program from the last decade that stands out, it would be LOST, but even i've lost interest in that. hopefully the last season will be memorable. others i like are The King of Queens and According to Jim. other than that The History, Science or Discovery Channel are my main source. Also, i like BBC's Top Gear.

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Some faves of all time f

From Britain.

Fawlty Towers


All Allo

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)

Poirot (David Suchet)

From America



Rockford Files


Starsky and Hutch




From Australia


Home and Away

Water Rats


The Paul Hogan Show

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With the exception of the first 5 they're in no order:

Get A Life

All In The Family

The Kids In The Hall

The Simpsons

South Park

The Honeymooners

Hell's Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares/The F Word


Arrested Development

The Sopranos

Late Night With... David Letterman(80's-90's)/Conan O'Brien(90's-00's)

SNL (The Phil Hartman era & Will Ferrel era)

Good Times

Dave Chappelle

My Name Is Earl



Celebrity (Drug/Sex)Rehab With Dr Drew

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Little House On The Prairie

...and many more on the History Channel

As a bonus the most hated shows are Family Guy & anything by Tyler Perry. Will TBS please stop showing marathons of this crap.

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My son last September showed me the first episode of Prison Break and I was hooked, over the next few months I would watch loads of episodes in a row with him...there were so many highs and lows, the characters, from Michael to Theodore teabag Bagwell well all really good characters. I became wrappped up in it, feeling elated when they broke out, the ending of the first series, when on the run...epic stuff.

Feeling low in season 3 when Dr Tencreddy ha died, then the elation again at the beginning of season 4....I know its only a tv show, I for one do not usually get wrapped up in stuff like that or into famous people but this series really got me.

The endng though...oh God after 80 odd episodes, the ending is just...well words fail me.

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My all time favorites:


The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Knots Landing





The West Wing



CSI (all 3)

Gray's Anatomy

The Sopranos

Party of Five

90210 (original)

Since then I would add:

Criminal Minds


early ER (Clooney/Anthony Edwards era)

And the :bagoverhead: ones:


So You Think You Can Dance

Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tabatha's Salon Takeover

Million Dollar Listing

American Idol

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Law & Order : Criminal Intent

Law & Order : SVU

Law & Order : UK

CSI : Miami

Criminal Minds

Cold Case

Without A Trace


Footballers Wives

New Detectives

Waterloo Road

The Bill

Ugly Betty

Desperate Housewives

Desire : Table For Three

Fashion House

General Hospital*


*Yes, I do like to watch Soap Operas too, sometimes! :P


Little Britain

My Family

After You've Gone

Father Ted

Black Adder

Mr. Bean

Fawlty Towers

Are You Being Served?

Man About The House

Bless This House

Robin's Nest

Some Mothers Do Have 'Em

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The Drew Carrey Show

That 70's Show

According To Jim

Gary Unmarried

Two And A Half Men

South Park

Family Guy




America's Funniest Home Videos

Game Shows

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

The Moment Of Truth


Are You An Egghead?

The Weakest Link

The Price Is Right

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I'm not big on television shows, I usually watch movies - I'm addicted to OnDemand.

But currently Tosh.0 is as good as it gets.

It pretty much always makes me laugh REALLY hard.

A couple years back, Showtime had an original series called Sleeper Cell with Michael Ealy that was one of the most intense shows I've seen in a while.

It was so realistic it was hard to imagine that something EXACTLY like it was NOT happening in various places in the country, and truth be known, more than likely is.

I don't currently have Showtime, so it may still be running.

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Right now, I'm really into "I Survived... Beyond and Back" which is about people who've had near-death experiences. Fascinating stuff. It's on the Biography channel so it's not exactly high profile, but it's well done.

I also have gotten into "The Biggest Loser" in like the last year. I've lost 30+ lbs recently, so I'm kind of relating to the contestants and their journeys. Not that I was *that* big! :)

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The Munsters

The Twilight Zone

The Avengers


All In The Family

Benny Hill

Barney Miller


The Incredible Hulk

Threes Company

Welcome Back Kotter

WKRP In Cincinatti

Miami Vice



King of the Hill

King of Queens

Two And A Half Men

George Lopez Show

Ice Road Truckers

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