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Jimmy Pages' "Burn Up"


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No one seems to pay much atention to, let alone mention, this album. Any thoughts on it? Personally I'd like to know the name of the singer. I got the album and I thought it was good, but nowhere near as good as Pagey's other work.

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Keith David DeGroot had been on the fringes of the London music scene since the early '60s. As a teenager he recorded with legendary producer Joe Meek, releasing three singles under the pseudonym "Gerry Temple". He also did work as a session singer and had worked briefly with Chris Farlowe in the mid-'60s. By 1967, however, he was out of a gig and feeling depressed. His friend-slash-wannabe-manager, Reg Tracey, offered to bankroll sessions for an album in hopes of re-launching his career.

DeGroot called on a couple of old friends to help with the project: Glyn Johns (who engineered and co-produced) and Nicky Hopkins (who played piano and wrote the arrangements). They in turn brought in their session pals John Paul Jones (bass), Clem Cattini (drums), Big Jim Sullivan (guitar), and Albert Lee (guitar). Sullivan & Lee were not available for the second session, so Jimmy Page -- on break between Yardbirds tours -- filled in.

Everyone agreed to work for minimum wage -- except for Jimmy Page, who did the session in exchange for the publishing rights to the two original compositions on the album. Classic Jimmy.

They ended up recording mostly 1950s American rock & roll tunes:

Lovin' Up A Storm (originally by Jerry Lee Lewis)

Boll Weevil Song (Eddie Cochran)

Livin' Lovin' Wreck (Jerry Lee Lewis)

Down The Line (Roy Orbison)

Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis)

Rave On (Buddy Holly)

Everyday (Buddy Holly)

One Long Kiss (new song, written by Nicky Hopkins/Gerry Temple)

Everything I Do Is Wrong* (Charlie Rich)

Think It Over* (Buddy Holly)

Dixie Fried* (Carl Perkins)

Fabulous* (Steve Lawrence.)

Lonely Weekends* (Charlie Rich)

Burn Up* (new song, written by Nicky Hopkins)

* Jimmy Page on guitar

"Lovin' Up A Storm" was released as a single in the U.K. in March 1968. It failed to make a dent in the charts, which caused the record label to pull the plug on the planned album release. The album only managed to get released in Belgium and France and promptly sank without a trace. Obviously, DeGroot's career didn't take off as planned.

It wasn't until after the backing musicians made it big elsewhere that the album was finally released in England and America -- although under the title No Introduction Necessary. It has since been issued dozens of times, under such titles as The Masters, Before The Balloon Went Up, The Jimmy Page Collection, No Introduction Required, Lovin' Up A Storm, Bury The Axe, etc. Nowadays the album is more likely to be credited to "Jimmy Page" than to "Gerry Temple" or "Keith DeGroot".

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I've got two version. The No Introduction Necessary and the No Introduction Required.

Haven't heard it in a longtime because I only have it on Album, with no table to play it on.

Great tunes to cruise down the highway and groove to.

I think I just decided on my next youtube trip. I'm sure it's all there, everthing is.

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