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Favorite of Jimmy's Guitars?

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Seems like no one has asked this before, and He has many cool guitars, so which is your favorite?

Mine is the somewhat trippy Dragon Tele

That's the one he used in Supershow, Copenhagen, etc? That's the one he painted himself. I love that one too. I think that's my favorite too.

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The lake placid blue strat. I also dig the danelectro.

Definitely the cherry sunburst Les Paul for me. Is the guitar I immediately associate with him probably more than any other guitar I associate with anybody else! And, aesthetically, is the one I always think of when I think of "Cool Jimmy" (not that he ever isn't cool...).

It's often popular or natural to think of him with the doubleneck too but isn't the number one choice for me. Sure it's classic and the guitar is eternally linked to Jimmy as well but on the other hand is always look kinda cumbersome, awkward and TOO grand to me (relative to how cool he looks with the Les for instance).

The truth is Jimmy had many cool guitars and more importantly was a master of using them and layering them musically on the records! But if choosing just one, then it's defitinely the Les hands down! The two pics of him that pass by in my avatar here are among my two very favorite and definitive "looks" of his (and with the Les). One being a younger pic and the other ten years later on stage right at the end. But both are favorite samples of "cool Jimmy" at his most signature (in my eyes)...

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