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Have a bucket list?


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find the love of my life .... ( tick )

see jonesy perform live .... ( tick, well, in jan! )

see robert perform live .....

see jimmy perform live .....

meeting the guys would be a huge buzz ...

travel to europe .... i really want to see great britain, italy, france.

travel to egypt and see inside the pyramids.

live with my love in a private, peaceful place. ( don't know where yet! )

see all my kids grow old and happy... ( a few grandkids would be nice, too )

if these things were to happen, i would die a happy girl. :)

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Get my life's work (music) striated out at last .... before I lose what's left of my income, sanity and hair! :D

See my granddaughter grow-up with a good home and a good life. :)

Not preferably in that order but, it would be a good schedule to follow as my granddaughter is still very young and I'm getting older by the day. B)

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