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Dave Rawlings Machine Album Due In November


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Dave Rawlings Steps Into Spotlight With 'A Friend Of A Friend'


Posted By: Eric

The Dave Rawlings Machine started "accidentally," according to Gillian Welch's longtime musical partner, as a vehicle to semi-anonymously road test some new material. But with the Nov. 17 release of "A Friend of a Friend," Rawlings will take the spotlight in his own right.

"You start out singing other people's songs 'cause you love them, and at some point you start to feel like you'd like to sing some of your own, I think that happens to most people. It's just happening to me much later." Rawlings says.

Rawlings produced "A Friend of a Friend" himself, recording it earlier this year at RCA Studio B in Nashville. Welch appears on eight of the nine tracks (and co-wrote five of them), while other players include keyboardist Benmont Tench from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, keyboardist Nathaniel Wilcott of Bright Eyes and members of Old Crowe Medicne Show, whose 2006 album "Big Iron World" was produced by Rawlings.

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