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Favorite song off In Through The Outdoor

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All My Love is my second pick off ITTOD.Pagey's whammy bar action from In The Evening,and the whole song,has always been a stand-out,trademark Led Zeppelin,almost last,war-cry from the band.

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It's quite an atypical Zep album and it's still great!! It's hard to pick for me!! It's cool how melodic the vocals are compared to Presence and almost every song has a chorus!!

I think my favourite is All of my love!! It's got this special meaning about Robert's son and it features Jonesy on the keyboards heavily, so it kind of represents the vibe of the album and Plant sings very emotionaly, I think I read Bonzo called it Plant's best ever vocal performanceand Jimmy also does nice acoustic solo!!

The only thing I don't like about it is, that it fades out, because I heard the studio outtake without the fade and the electric guitar solo is wonderfull!! I guess Jimmy wanted to keep the song shorter, because he didn't like it that much and he probably would have to play that solo at the end of the song live, if it would be left on record!!

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It's difficult for me to pick a favorite. When I try to pick one, the songs proceed in an order that makes me unable to find one that sits above the others.

I'm Gonna Crawl

Fool In The Rain


All My Love

Hot Dog

In The Evening

South Bound Saurez

Lately I've been listening to In Through The Outdoor in a song sequence mix of what the album could have been by including the Coda songs as if there weren't time limitations with albums on original LPs vs. modern-day CDs or downloads.

1. In The Evening

2. Wearing And Tearing

3. South Bound Saurez

4. Fool In The Rain

5. Ozone Baby

6. Hot Dog

7. Carouselambra

8. All My Love

9. Darlene

10. I'm Gonna Crawl


Edit: I only bring this up because a lot of the time after looking at that list one of the serious contenders is "Darlene". That song has everything: Plant is crooning, Page is riffing, Jones is grooving on bass while knocking that rockabilly piano, as Bonham just pounds and kicks.

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