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Musical agents


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Hi, guys!

I'm pretty new here at the forum and do not know the band as good as the majority of you do, so don't sue me if im 'stupid' here or something. I'm just interested in the band and the amazing history of it.

Ok. In the music subject at school I've picked LZ as the band to write about in a big important project. Thought it could be good to write something about the musical agents of LZ in my project, but I'm stucked here!

Therefore I'd be grateful as hell if some of you could give me a little help here.

Till now I've written a bit about the guitar riff as an agent. Thougt I may write something about the guitar solo as well, but from there I'm totally helpless.

If some of you guys will use a few moments to answer me I'd be very happy!

Cheers from Norway!

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Hey LZ Norway! Welcome to the group!

I my self can think of many way's that they where so good and influential as a band and a business.

As the music goes, the rif's that Jimmy Page put to good use where one part (a very important part) of a 4 part sound. With drum's being my main instrument I will say that John Bonham's powerful and abstract (but simple) playing was the key to the back beat of the group. But, I also must give credit to John Paul Jones for being so tight a Bass player whilst still showing some Jazzy and POP trait's. Robert Plant's vocal ranges are the icing on the cake.

Then there is the other side of the group, where they pioneered new advanced studio tools to make something that was unheard of before that new and exciting time in the music industry.

Then there was there manager Peter Grant, who was so much for getting the group rolling in the direction they wanted to move in.

I could go on for hour's but I don't want to bore you. :D

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