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I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

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3 hours ago, Strider said:

Which organ score is it? There are several out there on various dvd and home video releases.

It says 'Dolby Digital Score Composed and Performed by: Silent Orchestra.

It also says: Organ Score Compiled and Performed by: Timothy Howard.

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Watched the remake of the original Peter Lorre film. Takes place in L.A. and The Bradbury Building. Great remake and great actors all the way around. Raymond Burr plays a great heavy and Jim Backus as the mayor.

Jorja Curtright movie posters

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A round-up of recent viewings...

When Sean Connery died a lot of people probably watched some of his James Bond movies or "The Hunt for Red October", "The Man Who Would Be King", "The Untouchables". But your Sean Connery movie marathon is not complete until you see Sean Connery in a red mankini in the completely bonkers "Zardoz". I highly recommend you get good and stoned or drunk before watching where Borat stole his mankini idea.


This next movie meanders but it has some nice San Francisco locations.


Three music films..."Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" is one of my favourite films about music and Colm Feore makes you think you are really watching the real Glenn Gould. "It's Trad, Dad" is a Richard Lester look at pre-Beatles pop culture with Gene Vincent, Gary US Bonds, The Temperance Seven, and Helen Shapiro. A fun curio. I love Karen Dalton but this French documentary on her was a disappointment.




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Two films by the underrated Robert Wise, coincidentally both featuring Shelley Winters. "Odds Against Tomorrow" has a cool jazzy score by the Modern Jazz Quartet's John Lewis, while "Executive Suite" has no music score at all…a rarity for a MGM studio production in the 1950s.



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4 minutes ago, paul carruthers said:

I've got quite the list of movies I either need to watch for the first time (Chaplin's Gold Rush) or just enjoy another viewing of...




Not that I am ordering anyone to do so, but anyone who loves cinema and in particular comedy, and is interested in its history should watch as many, if not all, existing films of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Fatty Arbuckle, W.C. Fields, Laurel & Hardy, Harry Langdon, and the Marx Bros.

I still have some W.C. Fields, Langdon, and Arbuckle films to see, but I have completed the entire existing oeuvre of Chaplin, Keaton and the Marx Bros.

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