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I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies


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He's not on a team, rather joins a football "firm" and battles rival team firms. The movie definitely has some "Clockwork-esque" elements which add to the madness, but Wood's acting is about as exciting as having a root canal.

I remember reading about him doing the movie but did it ever get distribution or went straight to dvd? I saw him in another movie, name escapes me based on trying to trace his family in Poland post war and he did a great job in that.

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My youngest son, the movie buff, saw Watchmen at midnight last night.

He is raving about it. Said that it was everything and more that he thought it would be.

This seems contrary to the movie critics reviews today. Don't know if they were just waiting to trash it or if they are correct.

I do not like these type of movies and probably won't see it. But I am glad that my son liked it as he has been awaiting this movie for some time. He is a harsh critic so I am surprised that he liked it.

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Since the last movie thread is now debunk, I'll rehash the last movie I saw and start a new thread.

American Gangster.

The acting was brilliant from both sides and Josh Brolin gave the best performance I think I've ever seen outta him, well who can forget that 80s steroids movie he made we all had to sit through in health class?

Denz and Russ were top notch and Ridley Scott is a strong candidate for best director, but I still think Sean Penn (Into the Wild) deserves it, as of now.

How's it going "bigstickbonzo?" I haven't been to any movies lately but I know what I'm going to be seeing in early April. I'll be seeing the NEW FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie that opens up at all theatres on 3 or 4 April 2009. I LOVE JORDANA BREWSTER! ROCK ON!

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Tried watching "Twilight" over the weekend but didn't make it very far; I started at 11pm and fell asleep. Will try again this weekend.

Don't try again. It's a horrible movie. But you are a woman and that movie is made for women. So you could very well like it. I guess no guy is going to like it.

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