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I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies


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Congrats on your 16th anniversary. We are planning taking my 7 year old and some friends to Cars 2 next week. Just hope it is shorter than the first one!

Thanks, muh man.

We had a great time.

With 3 kids, it's tough to find "grown-up" time to enjoy.

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I know I come off as a cinema-snob sometimes...well, that's because I AM a snob. :thanku:

But that doesn't mean I spend ALL my time watching silent movies about Mongolian Yak-herders. Oh no, like Alex, I like to viddy the ol' ultra-violence once in a while, too.

Which brings me to tonight. The American Cinematheque is showing ALL THREE EVIL DEAD MOVIES tonight, starting at 7:30p.m., at the Egyptian Theatre.

1. "THE EVIL DEAD" 1981

2. "EVIL DEAD II" 1987


Read all about it HERE!

Fuck Spidey and his tights...THIS is Sam Raimi's finest work. I am sooooooo there...along with my godson. :thumbsup:

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I like watching Elvira as she shows some of the worst movies ever made (but some I like) and I like how she pops in on a movie with a dumb scene.

One she showed had a guy in the credits named Herbert Fux and she popped in and said: Herbert WHO????



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Recently watched this on HBO.

Actually a pretty funny movie.

Especially appealing with all the music references.

Russell Brand nails the burn-out British rocker stereotype perfectly.

P Diddy plays an awesome role, he's funny as hell.

And Jonah Hill is a pretty funny guy.

One of my favorite lines from the movie...

Stuck in traffic in London and late for a flight, Jonah Hill's character Aaron Green asks the limo driver if he can speed it up -

Limousine Driver in London: Would you like me to take the Chiswick roundabout through Hounslow and Staines?

Aaron Green: What is this, fucking Middle Earth? Just take us to the airport, okay?

Definitely worth watching, a real rock 'n roll kinda movie.

Love this one!!

The bit with the furry wall is priceless.

"When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall."

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Went to Cars 2 today with kids and friends. Very enjoyable. Better than the first one, faster moving story and shorter in duration. Everyone had a good time.

Next, going to check out "Bad Teacher".

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Cedar Rapids is... well... "Awesome". Loved it! Very funny and I loved the way Ed Helms portrayed his character as naive and dorky but also someone that is smart and funny.

I enjoyed it too. I'd heard a lot of good things about it when it was originally in the theatres so I was anxious to see it once it came out on DVD.

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This is probably the most bizzare movie I have seen so far! :blink:

I saw this last night :


You really had to have a lot of patience and a very open minded sense of humour to get through this! :huh:

But hell, I sure found it to be really funny in a very outrageous way! :P

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Have I seen any movies? Oh yeah, about 20 or so the past few weeks. The L.A. Film Festival ended tonight, and I will write a major film wrap-up post soon, but there is ONE MUST-SEE FILM I want to share with everyone...it just opened this past weekend in LA and other select cities. Hopefully it will come to your town. Those of you living outside the U.S. and Canada are probably out of luck. It is a documentary and those rarely make it overseas, so you'll have to wait for the dvd.

The movie is called "BUCK", and it tells the story about this remarkable guy, Buck Brannaman, who specializes in training horses non-violently. He learned from one of the original horse-whisperers. Here's the trailer for the film:

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Great film. One of the greatest war films and films in general.

Having never seen it, I wasn't sure whether to go with the original cut or the Redux. I should probably watch the original someday just for comparison's sake but it won't be any time soon as that was one long ass movie.

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