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I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

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Looking forward to go and see Django Unchained soon...oh and The Hobbit! =)

Ditto! Definitely seeing "Django Unchained" opening day 12-26!

Tonight, though, I'm out with some friends going to see two classic Charlie Chaplin movies at the Egyptian.


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I'm off to see The Hobbit on Wednesday, Boxing Day with free tickets I received from the cinema as compensation for their shabby presentation of Celebration Day.

The big movies have always been released in Oz the day after Christmas, for so long now it's become tradition.

After a hectic Christmas Dinner, sleep in, take a swim and watch the starts of the Cricket at the MCG and Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, then off to the movies. It's always good to chill out the next day, especially on a hot Summer's day in an air conditioned cinema. No, I'll go large popcorn please....

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Finally saw "Lincoln". As mentioned above, some very strong performances. Without going into detail, the closing of the film was well done.

Want to see "Dark Zero Thirty" and the Tarantino film looks interesting.

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^I too am snowed in planted. Will be watching something, haven't decided yet.

Enjoy it!


There wasn't a lot of options on cable for some reason, so 'Wonderful Life' is a good go to.

I hope we don't lose power! The winds are supposed to pick up..

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I have just spent three consecutive evenings watching classic movies at the Cinematheque:

Thursday 12-27:

"An American in Paris" and "Gigi". Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron...and the scene-stealing Oscar Levant.

Friday 12-28:

"Lawrence of Arabia" in 70mm. This was a brand new print to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening in 1962. The kind of epic that seems impossible to make today. My god, Peter O'Toole is so young...and those blue eyes burn the screen as intensely as the Arabian sun.

Saturday 12-29:

"It Happened One Night" and "Holiday". Both of these films are in my list of top 10 or 20 comedies of all-time. The trouble with most romantic comedies today is that the purported leads rarely have the chemistry exhibited by Clarke Gable and Claudette Colbert in the first film, and Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in the second.

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Just watched 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning' (1960) with Albert Finney.

Also, 'Soldier In The Rain' with Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason. Great bar room brawl when they kicked the shit out of the two MP assholes. :^)

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Paris, je t'aime

D'yer like?

I've tried three times in the past week to see "Django Unchained", and it was sold out each time. I'm gonna try again today after the Rose Bowl...either that or I'll go to the Marx Brothers double-feature at the Cinematheque: "Duck Soup" and "Monkey Business".

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For the last several years I have been documenting the films I see in the theater in a given year. I saw 35 in 2012, a personal record.

My recommendations are in bold.

Happy New Year!

Mission: Impossible. Imax. Arizona Mills. 1/21/12.

Young Adult. Tempe Marketplace/13. 1/26/12.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Arizona Mills/13. 2/16/12.

Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films. Valley Art. 2/23/12.

The Artist. Camelview/5. 2/25/12.

Being Flynn. Camelview/2. 3/22/12.

Casa De Mi Padre. Arizona Mills/10. 3/31/12.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Camelview/2. 4/7/12.

The Hunger Games. Tempe Marketplace/10. 4/19/12.

Damsels in Distress. Camelview/5. 4/21/12.

Marley. Valley Art. 5/3/12.

The Dictator. Tempe Marketplace/11. 5/26/12.

Bernie. Camelview/2. 5/28/12.

Prometheus. Imax 3D. 6/8/12.

Bill W. Harkins Shea/14. 6/9/12.

Moonrise Kingdom. Camelview/2. 6/17/92.

Savages. Tempe Marketplace/16. 7/7/12.

Ted. Tempe Marketplace/9. 7/14/12.

Take This Waltz. Camelview/1. 7/15/12.

Beasts of the Southern Wild. Camelview/1. 8/4/12.

The Campaign. Tempe Marketplace/7. 8/11/12.

Killer Joe. Camelview/1. 9/8/12.

The Master. Tempe Marketplace/8. 9/21/12.

Celebration Day. Chandler Fashion Center/15. 10/17/12.

Smashed. Camelview/5. 11/5/12.

Flight. Tempe Marketplace/15. 11/8/12.

Lincoln. Tempe Marketplace/16. 11/19/12.

Psycho re-release. Valley Art. 11/22/12.

Hitchcock. Camelview/3. 12/1/12

Silver Linings Playbook. Tempe Marketplace/4. 12/2/12.

Argo. Tempe Marketplace/6. 12/20/12.

Hyde Park On The Hudson. Camelview/3. 12/23/12.

Rust And Bone. Camelview/4. 12/25/12.

Django Unchained. Tempe Marketplace/Cine Capri. 12/30/12.

Skyfall. Tempe Marketplace/5. 12/31/12.


1. The Master

2. Moonrise Kingdom

3. Flight

4. Silver Linings Playbook

5. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Actor (all categories):

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman/The Master

2. Denzel Washington/Flight

3. Amy Adams/The Master

4. Daniel-Day Lewis/Lincoln

5. Christoph Waltz/Django Unchained


1. Paul Thomas Anderson/The Master

2. Wes Anderson/Moonrise Kingdom

3. Robert Zemeckis/Flight

4. William Friedkin/Killer Joe

5. Quentin Tarantino/Django Unchained

In The Light since 1972.

Trampled Under Foot. My life with Led Zeppelin.


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Best Nightmare of them all...apart from the first one, of course. The rest are meh.

Pete, nice list...I've still a few new ones to see (Django Unchained, Amour, Les Miserables, The Impossible) before I complete my Top 10 list.

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Just got back from seeing Kevin James in Here Comes The Boom.

Typical, formulaic mainstream movie, but here's why I enjoyed it:

Kevin James is probably a funnier physical comedy actor than Chris Farley.

There's no vulgar language or obscene sexual innuendo.

It's a positive message movie.

I went with my wife and 2 youngest kids (12 & 14) and I had no concerns about what they were watching.

It's funny and entertaining, if a bit predictable.

Henry Winkler plays a slightly offbeat music teacher, has a number of touching lines, and comes off very sincere.

Good, family fun.


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D'yer like?

I've tried three times in the past week to see "Django Unchained", and it was sold out each time. I'm gonna try again today after the Rose Bowl...either that or I'll go to the Marx Brothers double-feature at the Cinematheque: "Duck Soup" and "Monkey Business".

Hello there Strider,

I did like it but I didn't realize how exhausted I was til I was 15 min into the movie, so I need to see it again!

I am planning on seeing at Les Mis this weekend with a gal pal.

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