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Them Crooked Vultures at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA 10/12/09


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What a monster this band is! Very experimental music that is loud and in your face. At the same time, there are multiple layers of bass and guitar that make the music very intriguing. Some of the songs I was kinda of going WTF is this, but most of them I was blown away by the intensity of the deep jams going on here. They are similar to the Mars Volta (but funkier). JPJ was amazing as usual. I basically watched him and Dave Grohl the whole show do their thing together (and couldn't help but think of him and Bonzo). Jonesy play multiple bass guitars including one that had a small monitor on it that changed colors. He also played some keyboards (including doing a piano solo that was very '77 NO Q-like), keytar, and I believe guitar. Speaking of Dave, he looks like Animal of the Muppets with his long dark mane flowing out. This guy can play. I really appreciate his love for Zep which was evident whenever he and Jonesy looked at each other. Dave would get this big goofy grin because he's obviously living a dream. Josh Homme is an excellent guitar player who had some damn nice solos too. Very entertaining band. I just wish their album had come out so I was more familiar with the music because it's different then what you'd expect. Anyone know why the delay (it was supposed to come this month originally)?

A shout out to my Philly sports fans. During the middle of the first song, there was a loud cheer that could be heard over the louder music as most of us with cell phones saw the Phillies came back to beat the Rockies to move on the next round. Very cool moment.

Here's the setlist from two nights before. Same songs but in different order last night:


Dead End Friends

Scumbag Blues



New Fang


Interlude w/ Ludes



Mind Eraser

Nobody Loves Me

Warsaw (AWESOME!!!)

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