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Message to the Bonham band

Fully Loaded

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Hi everyone! This is my first post here.

I want to send some get-well-soon vibes to Kelly Keeling, first of all...

I am the lead singer for one of the opening bands at the San Juan Capistrano show,

and I want to see this band play some great tunes!!

I'll warm up the crowd good & proper, stop by the bar..grab a whisky & coke..

then head to the balcony & watch a great band play some insanely great, classic tunes.

I also do some drumming on the side (most recently in a Hendrix trib),

and I gotta say I am real stoked about getting to finally see Jason Bonham do his thing live....

I'll definitely be taking notes..

I want to hear the drum riff to 'Wait For You' played live, for once in my life!

I'll be coming down in front for that one..

Bonham...Foriegner...UFO...Zep......(maybe some Steel Dragon, eh??)

Are you kidding me? Some of the best bands ever, all in one set!!!!

I would've been at this concert even if I weren't playing it

but playing the gig sure beats paying for my tickets...lol

Get well soon, Kelly,

so you and the rest of the band can stand up and SHOOOOOUT!!

I'll see you in Capistrano, boys.

Jason Lee

Fully Loaded



Hey Kelly, if you need a break during the show...maybe for UFO's Rock Bottom...I'm just sayin'..... ;)

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wow....just ...wow...

anyone who says Jason isn't worthy of the legacy is a fool

Just an amazing set.

I feel priviledged to have been a part of this evening.

I heard Dancing Days, Wait For You, Guilty, Wasting My Time, Baba O'Riley, Double Vision...

man they closed with a hair-raisiing version of Whole Lotta Love,

and a whole bunch of great stuff in between...

what an amazing night!!!

The surprize of the night?

Jason's sister joining them onstage for a tune!!

And here's the great truth...the Bonham stuff?

Held up very proper next to the Zep, next to the Foreigner...

the whole set just flowed together,

with some very heartfelt comments from Jason inbetween.

This was the first night of the tour,

as the first three were canceled.

To that end, Kelly Keeling was still sick,

and there were 3 singers that came onboard.

Jason (& company) : well done...well done indeed.

I hope this tour keeps rolling just as it is, with all the players that were there tonight.

More dates, boys!!

Go to Las Vegas, and we'll gladly open again!!!

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