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Zep songs you "should" like, but don't?


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Hello All! :wave:

We are all entitled to our opinion. :D

Call me a NON WAVERING DIE HARD person who loves and respects the music of The Mighty Zeppelin. But I cannot think of ANY ballad from LZ that I do not musically love. I literally listen to them daily and have for almost 4 decades. If I am in a particular mood one song might make me think of something different than another day. I also do not forward past a song to get to another one. I appreciate the order that they put the songs on the (albums, CD's) and want to hear it that way...just my way.

I love a lot of music and admit that it is mostly classic rock as that is what I grew up with. But LZ to me is just absolutely musical genius. I can't imagine the rock/blues world without them. Who is going to give you a better guitar riff than Jimmy Page? Who can beat a set of drums like John Bonham? Who can play instruments to the depth that JPJ does.Roberts voice was another instrument and not to be imitated.

I respect everyone's opinion, but for me ALL of the MUSIC of Led Zeppelin, what some would consider a weaker song, to me is better than any other bands best song.

So Zepps worst song is better than The beatles best song, or lets say hotel california, or free bird. i love Zep as much as the next guy, but other bands are good too and have some better songs than Zepp worst.

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