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Will Roman

"I Come From The Land Of The Ice And Snow...."

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So maybe I'm not from the mystical and mythological land that the greatest lead singer of the greatest band in the history of Rock is singing about.... But in a few weeks, ice and snow will overtake the state of Michigan worse than its unemployment figures.....

Hello all.... Since it's safe to assume that everyone here is a fan of quite simply the greatest Rock band ever, then that makes all of you my friends automatically.... I am 37 years old now, and first go into Led Zeppelin when I was 15.... Coming from a rather conservative small town in West Central Ohio, that kind of made me an outcast for a period of time at my school.... But I didn't care.... The music was just too damn good....

I've been an avid guitar player since I was 15 -- and, yes, it was Jimmy Page who set the wheels in motion.... Led Zeppelin IV -- and in particular, "When The Levee Breaks", was transformational and revolutionary to me....

I'll be checking in very often, and I hope many of you in the meantime check out my blog: Wall Of Guitars

My inaugural blog was on the mighty Led Zep and what they mean to me.... I've gotten some great feedback thus far, and I would love to hear your opinions....

"If I cannot have your love, I'll sing the Blues..."

- "Blues Anthem" from Jimmy Page's Outrider

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