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If Keith Moon hadn't uttered Led Zeppelin


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Sorry to be a kill joy but Jimmy Page had stated in an interview that it was John Entwhistle that said the band was gonna go down like a Lead Zeppelin

I thought it was John Entwistle who said it would go down like a Lead Balloon, and then Keith shouted out Lead Zeppelin

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This is from a 1977 Page interview by Dave Schulps.

DS: Who actually named Led Zeppelin? I've heard that both John Entwistle and

Keith Moon claim to have thought up the name.

JP: It was Moon, I'm sure, despite anything Entwistle may have said. In fact,

I'm quite certain Richard Cole asked Moon for his permission when we

decided to use the name. Entwistle must have just been upset that the

original Led Zeppelin never took off.

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Please, no one have a heart attack, I'm just throwing out suggestions that in hindsight may have been fitting due to certain allegations:

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