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Been Fishin'


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Nice link thanks. Decent size but I wouldn't call a 4.3 metre great white shark 700kg shark a 'monster'.

This 7 metre 2500kg specimen from Taiwan is though:



Or this recent one from China:


By the way, in Australia there was recently a 10 ft great white bitten by an alleged much larger great white, some claim it must have been 20ft:


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25 feet would be a big one for our age, the one's that cruised the ocean's in prehistoric time's where even bigger! 40-60 feet was the normal size for Megalodon! The animal world is much different than ours, animal's like fish will not have a stopping point for size. If they live for a long time and get plenty of food, they will keep getting bigger! I remember seeing some picture's of marlin that where 25 feet long weighing 18,000+ lb's.

Cool link Reggie29!

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I think its a crime to fish sharks, especially whites. There's absolutely no reason to kill them, other than for publicity stunts like this.

The shark in the first post was snagged in nets going by the article.

As far as I know it is illegal to fish for them in South Africa, as it is in many other places.

Unfortunately, this doesn't stop sharks from being caught in nets. Same with other creatures such as dolphins, seals and whales etc. :(

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