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Quick Stop Entertainment


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Quick Stop Entertainment

link: http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/

This is your one stop shop for funny. Created by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy) and runned by Ken Plume (Ken P.D. Snydecast), they've got celeb. interviews, columns, contest and a great line-up of podcast (see below)


Hosted By Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier

SModcast is the meandering palaver of a pair of dudes whose voices are so dull, they don’t deserve to be on the radio (and, hence, aren’t). Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are SModcast.The best thing about SModcast? It don’t cost nothing.

Ken P.D. Snydecast

Hosted By Ken Plume and Dana Snyder

Adult Swim’s Dana Snyder and Quick Stop Entertainment’s Ken Plume set out to have a literate conversation between two pals, but inevitably devolve into a verbal, and funny, free-for-all full of bickering, infighting, and the special kind of male bonding that comes from conflict expressed through the podcast medium.

Cabin Fever

By Brian Fitzpatrick and Aaron Poole

Cabin Fever (hosted by the twisted souls Brian Fitzpatrick and Aaron Poole) is the result of having too much time on your hands and access to your local community radio station. Over the course of an hour, they manage to trawl the depths of good taste, plus throw some music in. How much more could you want from a podcast?… Quality? Oh… we didn’t think of that.

Bagged and Boarded

Hosted by Matt Cohen and Jesse Rivers

What happens when two young men let their love of movies, comic books, and all things “geek” take over their lives? They run away from their families, bringing only the most essential DVDs and comics to their secret, highly fortified underground bunker in sunny Southern California, where they start recording podcasts that will change the world.

and Much more...

so go on have fun for free

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