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Vincebus Eruptum Magazine IS BACK!

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*VINCEBUS ERUPTUM magazine* n°8 will be out on 21 November...in memory of DICKIE PETERSON!

After 7 years of full lethargy the first magazine about heavy-psych will be printed in a special number to remind the 10th Anniversary from the n°0... From stoner-rock to space-rock... From psychedelia to punk`n`roll... *VINCEBUS ERUPTUM* *magazine* collected ideas and sounds for over 3 years and was printed from 1999 to 2002, becoming an absolute reference for each heavy-psych addicted!

Eight delicious numbers that resulted in the production of the ultra-limited edition of the self-titled *COLT 38* album and of "Pachamama" by the overwhelming *E.X.P.*.

*The new issue will contain interviews with *ATOMIC WORKERS*, *BABY WOODROSE* and *OJM*, research about heavy-psych new bands (*NOTORIOUS HI-FI KILLERS*, *METRO RIOTS*, *GENTLEMANS PISTOLS*, *BLOOD SAFARI*, *VINYL STITCHES*, *FREE PEACE* and *PARCHMAN FARM*), a special retrospective about the *VE magazine story*... a retrospective about *THE DAWN*... an interview with GO DOWN RECORDS... and many reviews...

36 pages with full color cover by Malleus! All written in english!!!

Exclusive t-shirt printed for the event!!!



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