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Scared of Santa photo galleries


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Oh, man...I only looked through a few of them, but here were my favorites.

(wait...am I a terrible person for having "favorites" when it comes to something like this??)

No words needed:


I like this one not only for the prime facial expression, but because that's got to be one of the dodgiest santas I've ever seen. I mean, something is wrong with that beard, and that's just the start:


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Hehe, I like this one. Not only is the kid crying, but Santa's all like, "F*ck this -- next year I wanna be one of the elves."


And here we have "I-might-give-a-sh*t-if-I-wasn't-completely-stoned-off-my-ass-right-now" Santa! Billy Bob Thornton would approve.


The kid in this one's all, "Help! I'm being abducted by Ernest Hemingway in red pajamas!"


Lol, and look at 12 and 13 in Gallery 2. Never mind the dog in 12 - why is Santa wearing eyeshadow?! BLUE eyeshadow at that -- not a good match with the red suit!!! 13 - I do not blame that girl one bit for crying. That is the scariest, most child molester-looking Santa I have ever seen. Run, little kid, run!

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I should be able to add some pics of my own to this thread on Saturday. My sister owns a dance studio and is having their Christmas recital. She's having the kids get their picture taken with Santa after the recital, and she asked me to be the photographer. Should be hilarious!

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