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Tomorrow (Sunday) night


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The Cult at The Tabernacle for their Love Live 2009 Tour.

They're supposed to play the entire Love album.

Yes, it should be epic.

and yes, the entire place will melt when they play this...

I just hope they play some of this...




We're going to see The Cult on the Sabbath in Atlanta at The Tabernacle - and it promises to become a Sonic Temple!

I anticipate a religious experience.:D

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No report about the Cult Concert? How was it?

sorry, yes.

It was unbelievable.

They played the entire Love album from start to finish, took a break and returned to play about 6 or 7 other great songs, including Fire Woman and Sun King from Sonic Temple, Electric Ocean and Wild Flower from Electric, and of course, Love Removal Machine was the final song.

The Tabernacle is an incredible venue, and we had a great time.

The camera phone I used to record video with turned out to have defective audio, so I have the entire 7 minutes of Love Removal Machine with NO SOUND. Bummer.

A few crappy cell phone pics...





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crappy phone vid with no sound...

Balcony at The Tabernacle - even upstairs was packed...


The main floor was packed like that for more than an hour before the show started...


Fire Woman from Sonic Temple...


Final song - Love Removal Machine from Electric

really sucks because I had no idea I wasn't getting audio...


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Sounds like it was a good show. Bummer about no audio for your video you shot. Thanks for posting the pics and video. I never have seen The Cult live, but I am sure they put on a great show. I really like their tunes especially songs off the Love album and some of Electric album and Sonic Temple album. I still have the cassettes from when they first were released but have it on my Ipod now and still listen to them alot.

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