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Lynch Mob - Smoke And Mirrors


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As the old hard rocker I used to be I still have a couple of quilty pleasures, Georg Lynch and his old bands Dokken and Lynch Mob (with singer Oni Logan) is one of them. I couldn't help noticing Lynch Mob is together again and has just released a new album. As there are many at this site who like this kind of hard rock I thought I'd give heads up for this one.

The whole album is streaming at http://www.myspace.com/lynchmobrocks

Below is one of many great reviews this album has gotten on the internet



Smoke And Mirrors sees the return of singer Oni Logan to the Lynch Mob line-up. He joins drummer Scot Coogan (Brides Of Destruction) and bass player Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake) in backing up guitar legend George Lynch, who despite his reputation as a master shredder has never really felt the need to make Lynch Mob about himself. After seeing Lynch Mob live last year I really got the feeling they were a real band, not a guitarist’s vanity project, and I was psyched to see what they would come up with in the studio. The album will be out September 18th in Europe and October 13th in the USA but I was lucky enough to get to hear it pre-release so, without further ado, and with special emphasis on the guitar aspect since this is a guitar site, I give you Lynch Mob’s Smoke And Mirrors, track by track.

21st Century Man

After about 10 seconds of seductive atmospherics, the Mob kicks in with the driving rhythm of ‘21st Century Man’ and wastes little time in getting to the vocals. Y’know that vibe of being at a gig and the intro tape starts, but before you know it the band is already on stage rockin’ out? Well somehow this CD manages to distil that feeling into zeroes and ones and spit it right back at you through the speakers...

Check out the whole review HERE

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