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What does Zoso mean?


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This Sigil represents the belief that Jimmy is a Fallen Angel from Heaven, he will return one day and reclaim Heaven for it rightful owner, the owner od the Sigil bolow.


Regards, Heavens Rightful Owner........... wink.gif

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I'm very new to this. But, I'm not new to Led Zepplin. I'm 50 and they and were and have been my most favorite band of the 70's. I loved everything about them. I do doubt it's German for a whale's vagina tho. Idiot. I hate to know we're from the same state. But, it's been a quest I've mine to find out each of the 4 symbols displayed on their albums. Bonzo, had the 3 round intertwined circles are on his drums. Somehow, the one that looks like a feather, is a quill (who did the most writing?). The one with the semi circles connected and entertwined I'm kinda feeling like it's John Paul. But, with Jimmy this simply looks like a face to me. A guy with glasses, a pipe, and sort of a side view.. I'm sure I'm wrong but, it does to me look simply like a face. Whose?

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Ok i have been reading different speculations about this for a long time and im not saying anyone is right or wrong (because the only person who really knows is jimmy himself) but i would like to hear everyones opinion. What do you think Zoso means?

the problem is that robert got jimmys symbol just once,and jimmy said he would never tell robert again.some people claim various rune books have jimmys symbol.
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I disagree with this. I think that he will keep it as a secret forever, and I will be quite happy if he does, it will lose something special if the meaning is known, but that's just a matter of opinion. smile.gif

It is not about the answer,, it is about the question?

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More food for thought.

Just something i was told in the later 70's by a good friend's oldest sister.

4 parts in ZoSo - Z is Page - the 2 o's are bass and drummer - S is singer.

The Z is leading and supporting the other 3 on a pedestal.

That's why the bar is connecting through the oSo - so that they are all linked and supporting together.

She told it as in that it was true ...

doesn't make it right now or then - but it sounded authentic to me at the time.


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here you are....bottom right hand corner.


the part with zoso says some thing like

:signs that we have given and the power that belongs to the planets must lead the Magi in leaurs operations of alchemy or astrology as they served a Artephius whose main talent was to obtain wealth and a long life for enjoy

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