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What does Zoso mean?


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On 2/12/2010 at 3:19 AM, Kurt1960 said:

Since Jimmy was so interested in the Occult, I thought the "Zo" part was a nod to Zoarastrianism. Even the script of the Z is reminiscent of Middle Eastern alphabets (Arabic/Persian). And the "So", an abbreviation for Solar perhaps. Or instead of Solar, how about Son, as in "Son of". The "S" also conveniently doubles as a spirit coming out of Alladin's lamp there at the bottom. And that horizontal bar firmly connecting the two "o"s: maybe that represents his outstretched arms transcending time between the ancient past and the present, with a firm grip on both. Maybe he sees himself as the spiritual son of a deity from an ancient mystery religion, Mithraism/Zoarastrianism. It is very beautiful, elegant, and well thought out. I would be surprised if I am completely wrong. Jimmy Page is too smart and too deep for it to be something completely disconnected from mystical history.


On 1/29/2013 at 9:04 PM, #1fan said:


the part with zoso says some thing like





:signs that we have given and the power that belongs to the planets must lead the Magi in leaurs operations of alchemy or astrology as they served a Artephius whose main talent was to obtain wealth and a long life for enjoy


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See for yourself....copies from a couple of 16th century french occult book. Jimmy Page played on the mystery of it all... dont forget back in the 70's there was nowhere to look this up or even if you did know, who would you tell.






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It certainly is a mysterious symbol even after finding where it came from. One thing's for sure, though it may seem to say Zoso, Jimmy has said before that it isn't supposed to be a word at all. There are so many fans who call the fourth album Zoso to which I want to reply, then what about Jonesy, Bonzo and Plant's symbols? Are they supposed to be O's extending Zoso into Zosoooooo? 🤔

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