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Top five things I'd like this Christmas:

5) To not flunk out of grad school (all it takes is getting below a 3.0) and have a sense of future direction with it, whether or not it's at my current institution.

4) To see some people and things which I haven't seen in too long and miss very much.

3) For my father to maintain job security, and my home not be set on the path to being lost.

2) To enjoy the time but all the same reflect on ways to try to become an adequate person.

1) To spend quality time with my fiancee as it's in short supply anymore.

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My top 5 songs from 1966

1) 96 Tears

2) Wild Thing

3) Wipe Out

4) Black Is Black

5) Psychotic Reaction

Soul music from the same year:

1) Ain't Too Proud To Beg

2) Baby, Scratch My Back

3) Reach Out I'll Be There

4) When A Man Loves A Woman

5) I'm Your Puppet


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5 songs to be on my 25th anniversary CD, in no particular order.

Thank You -LZ

Time in a Bottle- Jim Croce

My Best Friend- Queen

I Love You More Today Than Yesteray - Spiral Staircase

Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer

I do have a longer list but they are on a list at work. Can't remember them all just now.

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My top 5 songs from 1966

1) 96 Tears

Thats inspired my LAST 5 ALBUMS BOUGHT

5. Younger Than Yesterday - The Byrds

4. Mirror Blue - Richard Thompson

3. Nazz 1 - Nazz

2. The Very Best Of... - ? And The Mysterians

1. Pushin' Too Hard - The Best Of The Seeds

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Top 5 referrals for one of my Immigrant song videos on youtube

First referral from YouTube search - feet worship 2

First referral from related video - When Santa got stuck up the chimney - Billy Cotton and his Band 1

First referral from Google Video search - shaggy 1

First referral from YouTube search - japanese car warning 1

First referral from YouTube search - great white sings zep since i been loving you 1

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Most overrated individuals of all time:

5. Bono: Wake me up when you can write a good song

4. Ben Bernanke: This is the asshat hat gets Man of the Year? What a joke.

3. FDR: I admit he was a great president but he didn't do near as much as people really believe he did. He was just president at the right time.

2. Duke of Wellington: Congrats. You beat an exiled ex-Emperor who was dying of stomach cancer and leading a bunch of ex-soldiers who joined in with him at the last second. Wanna cookie?

1. JFK: You didn't do shit your whole presidency. Yeah, we didn't have a nuclear war, but that was more Bobby's doing then you.Yeah we got to the Moon but who cares? We were going to eventually anyways... But it WAS you that escalated Vietnam, nearly started another war with the Bay of Pigs fiesco and banged every woman you could find..and that wasn't even near a full term

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Top 5 Favorite College Classes:

1- French Lit

2- Beginning Italian

3- International Relations (post WWII/Cold War era)

4- Marketing/Advertising

5- Art History (Impressionists and Italian Renaissance)

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Top 5 band names with sexual origins

Steely Dan ~ A dildo in the William Burroughs novel 'Naked Lunch'. According toBurroughs, the first Steely Dan was a metal dildo that an evil German bulldyke prostitute crushed using her nether regions, and the second Steely Dan is still in use.


Sex Pistols ~ Malcolm Mclaren came up with the name. It was partially inspired by his punk clothing shop called 'Sex'.

10cc ~ The average man ejaculates around 9cc of semen. Jonathon King decided to give them an extra 1cc

Buzzcocks ~ From the term "bus cock". Men sometimes get an erection because of the vibrations in a heavy diesel engine in a bus or truck.

Lovin' Spoonful ~ From the lyrics of John Hurt's "Coffee Blues". It's also slang for sperm/semen.

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