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25 Best Rock Posters of All Time


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Like vinyl records, hair metal and Ricky Martin, the world of rock art - album covers, posters and the like -- just doesn't score as much attention as it once did. These days, the few non-video visuals that remain part of the music experience usually get shrunk down to fit on an iPod screen, if they show up at all. One holdout that's not only still alive, but thriving, however, is the custom designed concert poster. So many shows, so little time? Here's a look at the 25 coolest posters in rock history. And yes, it's undeniable: San Francisco figures prominently.

To see the posters click here:


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I just went to a rock poster exhibit at UNC. It's still going on if anyone in the area is interested.

Paper Covers Rock

You can also see some of the posters here.

I would have loved to stick around for T-Bone Burnett's talk at UNC yesterday but it just wasn't in the cards.

One of my favorite posters with artwork by Rick Griffin (who did a lot of the Grateful Dead's posters as well):


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This is one of my favorite rock posters - it is from Poland and it is advertising "A Hard Day's Night". It is printed on a heavier weight paper than typical posters and the print looks more like a lithograph then a poster. We had it framed and hanging on the wall but my husband feared sun damage so we have it stored.


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