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Led Zeppelin On That 70s Show


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I think Donna Interviews Led Zeppelin in an Episode, am I crazy? I watch this episode a long time ago and I was not a Led Zeppelin fan at that time, so I didnt pay so much attention, but I remember that there was an episode were Donna interview the band for his radio show or something like that, and now I notice that the entire 5th season has Led Zeppelin titles for each episode, so it may be plausible, does anybody know in which episode this happens (in case if its true)????

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I know I’m kind of 10 years late, but if for some reason you still wanna know, it’s not Led Zeppelin, Donna interviews Ted Nugent, in s3e24. You might have got confused cause there’s an episode in which they go to a Led Zeppelin concert, also cause Donna won tickets (s3e12)

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