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Dexter Season 4 Finale (Spoilers)....


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I got hooked on this show last week and watched all 48 episodes in 9 days. Man, the finale of Season 4 really has me feeling sad and disturbed today. Rita, Dexter's wife, is killed by the Trinity Killer. Dexter walks in and finds his son, Harrison, sitting in her blood (much like what happened to him as a child) while she lies dead in a bathtub. Rita, played by the beautiful Julie Benz, was such a big part of the show and was a huge reason I got hooked. She reminded me of an old flame so maybe that's why I can't get her death out of my head. You really wanted things to end happy for her and Dexter but the writers must have felt differently. Anyone have the same feeling of sadness after wathing this episode?

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