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Need a lil help :)

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My best friend doesn't really like led zep. He thiks stariway is the best song of all time but he is convinced that jimmy page has wasted his talent on other songs. So I want to show him, preferably a youtube clip or similar, of jp's best playing...for me, i love everything he does...even when he plays sloppy like some of the knebworth shows which i think were fantastic..but any suggestions for vids where jp plays a really hard song perfect??

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Yes, a great guitar player can be measured by the difficult song's they play on a good night (Jimmy Page included). But, the better written song, that is the song's that are well put together and recorded in the studio are what really gives the lasting impression. This is what made Led Zeppelin such a great band if you ask me. They where not a cookie cutter group at all but they still got away with it live, good night or so-so night!

When other band's where doing good song's, live and in the studio, Led Zeppelin was recording history like no others. This is an easily arguable point but I believe it to be true. B)

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