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early Jimmy newspaper clippings

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...RE: Keystone Raceway in Pittsburgh on August 2, 1967...


Quite possibly a new date for Jimmy's chronology...his passport bears an admittance stamp for Toronto on this same date, having flown in from Vancouver...perhaps they caught a connecting flight to Pittsburgh..."direct from Liverpool" is nonsensical as I don't show they performed in Liverpool in '67.

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Jimmy Page joins the Yardbirds: first announced in Germany in the "Musik Parade" 20, September 1966. The topic is "War and Peace". I guess it's not necessary to translate...

(My first post, hello to everyone :peace: )

Hello, and thank you posting this article...I am sure there are more articles of this early news world wide, if you have any more, please post it...

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Jimmy Page / March 1965.

I'll transcribe the text, as it's a bit difficult to read:

"JIMMY PAGE, the boy who is hailed as one of the best guitarists in Great Britain, looks like making a breakthrough himself in the world of pop after playing on sessions for just about every star in the country. She Just Satisfies is the title and it should be a single, with a lot of followers eager to grab it. I rate it as one of the best singles for many a month and this young man deserves to have a better life than being a session guitarist. Apart from that he is good-looking and certainly one of the most talented finds for a long, long time."


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I haven't seen this anywhere else on the forum and I have no idea what publication it's from, but this was apparently taken Feb 27th, 1961 at the Granada Ballroom in Kingston, Johhny Kidd (with the eye patch in the photo) and Gene Vincent show(?). "Jimmy was with Dean Shannon"(?) (a late 50s early 60s UK singer).


From the Johnny Kidd website (http://www.adiebarrett.co.uk/johnnykidd/timeline/timeline-1961.htm): 


Granada Ballroom, Kingston - Future Pirates Mick Green, Johnny Spence and Frank Farley (plus a young Jimmy Page) bunk in for free.  Spence, Farley and Johnny Patto would be inspired to go on to back Cuddly Dudley as a trio, cutting a single "Sittin' On A Train".  Kidd's friend Johnny Irving was the groups' Road Manager, driving them to gigs.


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