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Greetings to Everone


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Hello to you all. It's my birthday today. It's 12:45a.m. I'm here in my apartment by myself watching Black Adder. Slightly tipsy drinking a cup of tea. I just got done with a great dinner party with Mead, Champagne, wines of all kinds. Everyone was celebrating my birthday and I was celebrating John's. Capricorn really is the best sign because ...Nicholas ll who used to be bizare... Capricorns don't believe in astrology. Especially someone like John Paul Jones. I've posted a couple comments but this is my first time here in this room. I must confess I don't know how to do much on the internet nor do I know how things work on web sites and I'm not 12. In fact I'm very much not 12. So if I may seem lame or aloof or dumb as a brush you know why. But Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band since ...cover every inch of your gorgeous body in pepper and then sneeze all over you... I hope that redeems me. As you have guessed I'm a great fan of Charles ll as well as Charlie Chaplin. ...He got me squiffy and looked into my eyes... Stop before you think I'm weird. I could continue on but ...Chipmunk I love you... I'll wait. I hope ...my cunning plan... can talk to you...about ...a two legged badger wrapped in a curtain... all Led Zeppelin soon. B ye. It is not 12:55a.m. or even 1:00a.m., it's 3:55a.m. where I am.

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