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Led Zeppelin - TSRTS vs. Pink FLoyd - Live at Pompeii


Led Zeppelin - TSRTS vs. Pink FLoyd - Live at Pompeii  

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  1. 1. Your desert island suitcase has room for only one of these dvd's. Which one will you choose?

    • Led Zeppelin - TSRTS
    • Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii

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Live at Pompeii- yes because

1. I love the scenery.

2. I love the music.

3. I've watched it nearly a hundred times, and never yawned once.

TSRTS no because:

1. The editing sucks- take a look at John Paul Jone's stage outfits on various songs and you'll see one minute he's wearing a white shirt, the next a jacket, back to the white shirt, etc.

2. It's depressing- filmed all over the East Coast with pregnant teenagers and tough cops.

3. Robert's character role takes up 2 songs. Yawn.

ps- if I have room for only one dvd, then how much room do I have for a player?


Wouldn't worry about it, nowhere to plug it in, hehe!

TSRTS, Pompeii bored me to tears even though I love the Floyd, go figure!

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It's not surprising that TSRTS wins the poll - this is a Led Zeppelin forum!

The music is, of course, very good on the TSRTS, and it's great to be able to watch them in concert, but Live At Pompeii wins it for me. It was filmed much better, the sound is better.... and Pink Floyd were just as great as Zep were, just in a different sort of way. Plus, LAP includes short interviews, which are interesting.

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As mentioned earlier, TSRTS was special, before there was much else available. Even without Floyd members being as animated as Zep, the Pompeii movie is much better (if you like the bands equally). I really enjoyed seeing Gilmour's guitar work in "Echoes".

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I don't care for any of the Pink Floyd stuff before Dark Side, so it's a no-brainer, TSRTS. Side story, I actually saw the SRTS in a movie theatre when it was out here in the States. we had some herbal refreshments in the parking lot, before entering the movie theatre. :bravo:

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I love them both but for different reasons and for different moods. I will go with TSRTS just because the music is more exciting and I love the pregnant teenagers and the cops. Plus those three stoner dudes who get backstage are hilarious.

TSRTS is just more fun and encapsulates the concert performance and experience better. Pompeii is filmed much better and the music is trippy as hell which I love but...no pregnant teenagers? C'mob, they were in Italy for chrissakes, they have at least 20 of them in every small village out there.

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