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Royal Albert Hall Question


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Im a tad confused concerning Royal Albert Hall. on the DVD they obviously cut out Long Tall Sally, but when I listened to the video (or watched rather) of LTS, the announcer guy say Led Zeppelin gives you a very well deserved good night, so would that be the last song of the night? or would bring it on home be? im very confused help would be appreciated.


i understand now. for the encore it was (Thank You) then, Bring it On Home for the encore first not last then, C'Mon Everybody, Somethin Else, THEN Long Tall Sally. Jimmy just must have edited more than TSRTS blink.gif

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Setlist from The Concert Files:

We're Gonna Groove

I Can't Quit You Baby

Dazed And Confused


White Summer - Black Mountain Side

What Is And What Should Never Be

Moby Dick

How Many More Times

Bring It On Home

Whole Lotta Love

Communication Breakdown

C'mon Everybody

Something Else

Long Tall Sally

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thank you was one of the closing songs not the encore

ahh i guess the site that i was on was wrong.

this is the bootleg from the day before so i don't think the setlist would change, but then again the 9th was page's birthday and could have wanted things to change around


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"Too good to be true..." right? Yeah, it sounds more like '71 Robert at the end. To be exact it's the same audio as the 1971 Berkeley show I have (Heartbreaker).

I bet the youtuber was just mis-informed. Oh well, we shall keep searching I guess.

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