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  1. 1. Which Religion Are You a Part of?

    • Atheist
    • Buddhist
    • Christian
    • Hindu
    • Muslim
    • Not Sure/Sill Deciding
    • Other(Please Explain)

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Raised in the Episcopal Church, its sort of an off-shoot of The Church of England. My family is now split to many different denominations and I go to all of them once in a while but I'm not a member of any. Not counting the Mormon Church that one of my sister's has converted to, being as I'm not a Mormon, I can't go to there temple.

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"other" And it's quite hard for me to explain what I actually mean by this "other." I'm open to various spiritual or philosophical approaches, trying to come to my own conclusions.

My life has become much easier since I realised that spirituality and science do not necessarily regate each other.

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I'm not religious. That doesn't mean atheist, however. I used to be Catholic.....haven't been excommunicated or anything, I just haven't been to church in over a decade and really don't care to go back.

Hi 'Electrophile'

Well you have now, the Pope is a member of this forum don't you know? :lol:

To You All,

To belong to any Religion you have to have faith, and as i don't have faith in humanity i suppose i am in a "Religion of One", just me, i hurt no one unless they hurt me first, i am a vegetarian and i believe all criminals should pay the price of their crimes in full plus compensation and a 15% surcharge for the admin.

Regards, Danny

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How very dare you :mellow:

I'm from a Jewish family, but don't really follow a particular belief.

My apologies.

When I click on"Edit This Poll", it says"You do not have permission to edit this topic", even though I made it so it kinda sucks.

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