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Hey i thought i'd start a topic where we can discuss our own bands and our gig experiences/stories.

I played my first gig tonight with my band, "The War Poets" im happy to say it went really well and we were even offered a session and some future gigs from another band who were watching us.

Im 15, and i play drums, John Bonham is obviously a massive influence to me, he is my favourite drummer. As it was my first time playing live i was predictably a little bit nervous but after the first couple of songs that went away and it all went well from there.

Our setlist went as follows:

Four Kicks - Kings Of Leon

Its Not Just Nothin' - (Our own song)

Pipedown - Babyshambles

Aneurysm - Nirvana

Epiphany - (Our own song)

Territorial Pissings - Nirvana


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Great topic! :thumbsup:

My band…well, every time we've played we've been a hit. But considering we've only played live twice…though we have practices every single weekend…

First performance: February 3, 2006: We played "Wild Thing" at a school talent show…the emcees said that Jimi Hendrix made it famous in 1986…of course when we heard this we went :o He was dead then! <_< You really oughta NOT use Wikipedia when writing things…

Anyway, it went pretty well, but for the life of me I can't remember the audience's reaction. I think it was good…but that was back when my band was a 5-piece: singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, and electric violinist (that was me. I didn't even ask to be in the band, I was originally recruited). Anyway, we now have a different (and much much much better, I must say) drummer, same guitarist, same bassist, no singer (the guitarist sings too), and me, on lead guitar. B)

Second performance was fucking amazing.

May 11, 2007: MOBY DICK! At the talent show. Fucking awesome. We got an encore cos the teachers couldn't control the students, who were yelling "ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!" So we got to play Moby Dick…again…cos our drummer got really nervous all of a sudden. Nobody cared that it was the same thing though, cos it was mostly improv the second time. We actually sort of made our own Moby Dick…the drum solo was shorter, the guitar parts longer and slightly different…an extra guitar solo. Pretty sweet. After the show everyone was asking for pictures with us and autographs. Before the show we had gotten on (for me) the biggest caffeine highs of our lives underneath the stage with more Coke and Mountain Dew than you can possibly imagine.

Here we are, in between Moby Dick and…Moby Dick:


Oh yeah, and after the show, when I finally remembered to go to the bathroom like three hours later, some girl in there asked for my autograph, and another girl asked me to sign her butt. :huh: I declined…

And we're considering playing locally now. :)

Sounds like you had a good time, FourSticks!

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You guys are lucky. I've been drumming for 7 years and I've not had one band, but then again, I've not gone looking either. I guess I'm waiting for my best friend to be released from prison first (he's a guitarist) >.<.

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In October we played a gig for a bunch of Boy Scouts... it was their big camping weekend or whatever they have. Anyway, I couldn't believe it, because they went absolutely fucking wild. We were signing autographs and getting pictures with these kids afterwards for gods sake- they were star struck! :hysterical: I was like, "We're not even that cool, guys." Couldn't believe it!! :lol:

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