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Unledded - No Quarter Songbook


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Hello EveryOne!

I'm not sure that's the appropriate location to post my request, but I'm starting to get desperate...

I used to own the complete score for the Jimmy Page / Robert Plant album some times ago, but can no longer put my hand on it... Don't know if I lost it moving home too often, or lent it to someone who never gave it back to me...

Anyway, I'm looking for it but it doesn't seem to be available anymore in Europe. So anyone of you who've seen one in a shop near you, or owns it and would be willing to sell it, I'm more than ready to buy it!!!

I must however mention that there have been various versions of this songbook. Mine was the complete score, i.e. with all the instruments included (even the weird ones ;-) ), not just the guitar tab.

Any help or tips on where could I find this gem would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.


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Hey!!! Such a long time without answer that I completely forgot I did actually post my request there!!!

@LedZedTributeUK: sharing is a good idea, but I'm not sure we wouldn't be in breach of forum rules (sharing of copyrighted material can be tricky when big brother's watching...).

However, reswati's suggestion is good! If you own the book, that'd be great of you if you could post here the complete reference (ISBN number, publisher... whatever you can find...) That could be a great help for me in my search!

Thanks to you both for answering anyway, and have a great rocking 2013!

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