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German Rockers the Scorpions to End Career


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German rock band Scorpions to end career

BERLIN (AP) - The German rock band Scorpions is bringing down the curtain on a career spanning more than four decades.

The band, known for its early 1990s hit "Wind of Change" among others, said on its Web site Sunday that "we agree we have reached the end of the road."

It said it would end its career with a final album - "Sting In The Tail," to be released in March - and a tour that will start in Germany in May and take it across the world "over the next few years."

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker founded the band in Hannover in 1965. Singer Klaus Meine joined a few years later. Both men are 61.

While I am not a huge Scorpions fan, I just think it's sad that a band that's been together for 40+ years just decides to break up. Debate as you wish.

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That's too bad, after Zeppelin broke up I listened to them a lot in the early-mid 80s, since there wasn't much to listen to rock wise then (Love at First Sting especially). I didn't realize they'd been around that long. I don't think Winds of Change is how I want to remember them though. Peace and best wishes to the Scorps.

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