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What is your favorite Page (studio) guitar solo?

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I love the solo in "Dazed and Confused" from 3:53-4:47. It shows, to me, his ability to move people with the guitar and make it speak volumes to the person hearing it. It is pretty dang hard to play as well. I love it and it still provides chills for me to this day. Let me know yours. B)

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How can anyone pick just one. You have the short but spine tingling one from the studio version of Whole lotta Love, the altime classic from studio Stairway and Dazed and Confused and Heartbreaker are incredible too. And how about Since Ive Been Loving You-have to include this one too. One that is underated and newer to me is the one from Fool In the Rain. Must also mention the Rover. Boy, you see what you do when you create threads like this? drive me nuts with choices.

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It has to be :

- . 'No Quarter' from the TSRTS

- . 'Over the hills and far away' from 'Houses... (actually it sounds like a backwards recording in some parts)

- 'Misty Mountain Hop'

- 'Achilles last stand'

- 'STH'

and not to forget Percy's harmonica solo on 'Nobody's fault but mine'

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